The Good Egg is an Egg that the player can obtain in Generation IV games. Its Pokédex number is 494, directly succeeding Arceus. Sending a Good Egg into battle will freeze the game, as it has no moves whatsoever, and it cannot be taught any moves with the exception of Curse, which it can be taught with the use of an Action Replay, bypassing the no-move barrier. Despite the name, The Good Egg is actually not good at all.

It can be obtained with the assistance of an Action Replay using the "MINING MUSEUM" code. The Good Egg is essentially an egg in every manner, except for the fact that it can breed, gain levels, and be taught a move. However, all of its statistics will remain at 0.


  • The player cannot dispose of the Good Egg once it is obtained. Releasing it freezes the game, and the player cannot trade it.
  • The only way to give someone a Good or Bad EGG to somebody is to hack-breed it, then trade the Egg.
  • When you defeat the Sinnoh Elite Four, the Good Egg will be entered as a Pokémon, though it will be listed at Level 0.
  • The Good Egg is actually not all that good, as it causes glitches such as a game freeze, such as when you battle with it, and you can hack breed to trade.

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