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Goldenrod Department Store
コガネひゃっかてん Kogane Department Store
Information about Goldenrod Department Store
Region: Johto
Connecting locations: Goldenrod City
Weather: Normal
Kind: Building
Needed HM: Strength (Basement)
Generation(s) available: Gen. II and IV

The Goldenrod Department Store is a store found in the Johto region. It is located in Goldenrod City, and is the largest department store in Johto. Unlike regular Poké Marts, this store houses many items and many floors.

First Floor

On the first floor is the service counter. The workers at the counter welcome the trainers as they enter.

Second Floor

Your Travel Companion.

–The slogan of the second floor

The second floor houses basic items, but vary from Generation.

Third Floor

For Victory Seekers.

–The slogan for the third floor

The third floor contains items that can be used during battles that will temporarily enhance a Pokémon's stats.

Fourth Floor

Let us pump up your Pokémon!

–The slogan for the fourth floor

The fourth floor contains medicinal items that permanently enhance a Pokémon's stats. The items appear the same in both Generation II and Generation IV

Item Sprite Price
HP Up HP Up Sprite Poké Dollar 9800
Iron Iron Sprite Poké Dollar 9800
Carbos Carbos Sprite Poké Dollar 9800
Protein Protein Sprite Poké Dollar 9800
Calcium Calcium Sprite Poké Dollar 9800

Item Sprite Price
HP Up HP Up Sprite Poké Dollar 9800
Iron Iron Sprite Poké Dollar 9800
Carbos Carbos Sprite Poké Dollar 9800
Protein Protein Sprite Poké Dollar 9800
Calcium Calcium Sprite Poké Dollar 9800
Zinc Zinc Sprite Poké Dollar 9800

Fifth Floor

Customize Your Pokémon!

–The slogan for the fifth floor

The fifth floor is dedicated to selling TM's. A young girl can be found on this floor, talking to her will unlock the option of a Mystery Gift. Additionally, there is a man willing to trade a Drowzee for a Machop.

Sixth Floor

Take a Break from Shopping.

–The slogan for the sixth floor

The sixth floor contains a picnic table and some vending machines. In Generation II this floor is titled the Rooftop Square and in Generation IV it is titled the Tranquil Square. In addition to the vending machines, there is a raffle exclusive to Generation IV. It can be entered for Poké Dollar 300, there is the chance to win a Berry, a Poké Ball, or a select TM. In HeartGold and SoulSilver this is the final floor; in Pokémon Crystal there is a flight of stairs leading up to the topmost floor. Whitney, the gym leader, will be up here around noon on Saturdays, and you will be able to add her to the PokéGear if you come here at the right time.

Item Sprite Price
Fresh Water Fresh Water Sprite Poké Dollar 200
Soda Pop Soda Pop Sprite Poké Dollar 300
Lemonade Lemonade Sprite Poké Dollar 350

Day of the Week First Prize Second Prize
Sunday Dragon Claw Luxury Ball
Monday Shadow Claw Nest Ball
Tuesday Flash Cannon Repeat Ball
Wednesday Charge Beam Net Ball
Thursday Drain Punch Quick Ball
Friday Facade Dusk Ball
Saturday Silver Wind Timer Ball


The rooftop is a floor exclusive to Pokémon Crystal. The player must travel the final flight of stairs as the floor cannot be accessed through the elevator. There are binoculars that lets characters see things in the distance, many people go up to the rooftop to take a break from shopping. There are some vending machines selling Pokémon dolls. The player is not able to buy from the vending machine as there are no dolls left. However, there is an occasional Rooftop Sale which Camper Todd from the Pokégear will call about.


The basement is the bottommost floor of the Goldenrod Department Store. It is only accessible by the elevator and has no items up for purchase. A team of works and a Machoke inhabit this floor and are moving boxes around. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, talking to a worker will cause each Machoke to move a box, allowing one of the blocked rooms to be accessed.

Item Sprite Location
Ether Ether Sprite Southern room
Burn Heal Burn Heal Sprite Northern room
Ultra Ball Ultra Ball Sprite Eastern room
Amulet Coin Amulet Coin Sprite Basement entrance

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