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Go-Rock Quads

The Go-Rock Quads

The Go-Rock Quads are a group of four enemies that the player faces in the first Pokémon Ranger game. They have unusual styler instruments that they use to control Pokémon with. The group are a band that have admin like status within the Go-Rock Squad. They are all the children of Gordor, the boss of the Go Rock Squad. The band consists of four members: Billy, Garret, Clyde and Tiffany, with Billy the oldest and Tiffany the youngest. The player faces Tiffany, Garret and Clyde twice each and Billy once in the first Pokémon Ranger game. After blowing up the base, they move to Almia, the setting of the second Ranger game, and become good. After playing at a concert at the end of the second Pokémon Ranger game, they move to Oblivia, the setting of the third Pokémon Ranger game, and perform at the end of the game.

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