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Gluttony is an ability that makes the user use its held berry sooner when it has low HP.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#213 Shuckle 213 Type BugType Rock
#263 Zigzagoon 263 Type Normal
#264 Linoone 264 Type Normal
#511 Pansage 511 Type Grass
#512 Simisage 512 Type Grass
#513 Pansear 513 Type Fire
#514 Simisear 514 Type Fire
#515 Panpour 515 Type Water
#516 Simipour 516 Type Water
#631 Heatmor 631 Type Fire


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#069 Bellsprout 069 Type GrassType Poison
#070 Weepinbell 070 Type GrassType Poison
#071 Victreebel 071 Type GrassType Poison
#0143 Snorlax 143 Type Normal
#316 Gulpin 316 Type Poison
#317 Swalot 317 Type Poison
#325 Spoink 325 Type Psychic
#326 Grumpig 326 Type Psychic
#446 Munchlax 446 Type Normal


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