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Glenn is a character appearing in Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies.


Season 15: BW Rival Destinies

Glenn is one of the kids that enjoyed battles. He borrowed Sean's Pokémon, but did not care much about their feelings rather than their strength. When Mick came with Pikachu, Glenn went to take Pikachu, but Mick ran off. Glenn, after battling Sean, came after Mick and challenged him to a battle, using Sean's Scolipede and Seismitoad. However, after they were defeated by Mick, who used Krokorok and Pikachu, Glenn went after Mick and wanted to punch him for the loss. Ash seized his hand and Sean was angry at Glenn, for his Pokémon are exhausted and wounded. Glenn realized the error of his ways and borrowed Cilan's food to feed the Pokémon and promised to be a better friend. He, along with others, watched as Ash battled Krokorok.



Pokémon Information
Sean's father's Scolipede
Glenn used Sean's Scolipede to battle Mick in a Double Battle.
Pokémon Information
Sean's father Seismitoad
Glenn used Sean's Seismitoad to battle Mick in a Double Battle.
Pokémon Information
Thane father Patrat and Blitzle
Glenn used Sean's Patrat to battle Sean's Blitzle.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
BW067 Battling the Bully!

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