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Giselle's Cubone
優藤 聖代のカラカラ Seiyo Yūtō's Karakara
Giselle Cubone
Trainer: Giselle
Debut: The School of Hard Knocks
Current location: Pokémon Technical Institute

This Cubone is a Ground-type Pokémon owned by Giselle.



Cubone is one of Giselle's Pokémon, and she used it against Ash's Pikachu. While Cubone displayed quite a challenge, Pikachu managed to turn its skull around, blinding it while Pikachu scratched it and allowed it to be hit by its own Bonemerang.

Orange Islands

Like its trainer, Cubone appeared in the opening scene of Adventures in the Orange Islands.

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Giselle Cubone Bonemerang
Leer The School of Hard Knocks
Bone Club The School of Hard Knocks
Bonemerang The School of Hard Knocks
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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