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Giovanni is the founder and leader of Team Rocket as well as being the Viridian Gym Leader in the Red, Blue and Green Chapter of Pokémon Adventures. He is also the father of Silver.

Aside from being known as both Leader of Team Rocket and a Gym, he was known for being the first person to discover that Rhydon could evolve.


Giovanni is a tall, medium built, middle aged man. He has very short, flat, dark hair and small dark eyes. He wears a long sleeved black shirt with a large V neck that shows off a white undershirt, with the Team Rocket logo on the left part of the chest, black baggy trousers and black shoes.

Red, Green & Blue arc

Giovanni has a small end of his hair on the top of his brow, shaped like a triangle.

Yellow arc

Giovanni's appearance remains unchanged from Red, Green & Blue arc.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Giovanni has oiled hair. In addition, he does not have the triangled end of his hair. The rest of his appearance remains unchanged.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

Giovanni wears a black coat, with four large buttons and a red handkerchief in his left side of the pocket. Sometimes, he also wears a black hat with a black stripe. The rest of his appearance remains unchanged.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

Giovanni's appearance remains unchanged from FireRed & LeafGreen arc. However, he has a Key Stone etched on his Team Rocket logo.


Giovanni is a cold, cruel man, as shown when he commanded his Cloyster to slay two helpless Magmar by breaking them in half. He does not care in the slightest bit in manipulating innocent Pokémon that were subjected to his own experiments, viewing them as mere weapons. When he was defeated for the first time, Red states that his views on Pokémon led to his downfall. When Blue chases after him, Blue tells him about his reputation of 'Giovanni of the Land'. Giovanni smirks and asks Blue the importance of his own reputation.

One of his commanders, Sabrina, stated the Giovanni is a charismatic leader, allowing most of his subordinates to stay loyal to him to the very end.

Despite his ruthless personality, the FireRed and LeafGreen arc humanizes Giovanni. The main reason why he wanted to capture Deoxys was not mainly on revenge, but to locate his missing son who was kidnapped by another of the Pokédex Holders' archenemies. While his commanders believe that he only wanted to utilize his son as the heir to Team Rocket's empire, Giovanni actually wanted to reunite with his son before his death.

Another example of Giovanni's caring side is when he aided Yellow in fighting Lance, though this is likely due to Team Rocket's plans being interfered in by the Elite Four.


Giovanni was born in the Viridian Forest, like certain individuals.[1]

Giovanni also had a son, Silver,[2][3][4] who was taken away[5] by the Masked Man, who was aware that Giovanni was the leader of the criminal organization.[6] Giovanni placed Lt. Surge, Sabrina and Koga as his three subordinates, who trained the grunts,[7] while Giovanni was inspiring them with speeches.[8] Despite serving Giovanni, the Gym Leaders, like Koga, had little time to train and improve themselves in battling.[9] Giovanni also had his scientists perform experiments to have control of all matters of substance.[10]

Giovanni also wrote a manual on how to raise Ground-type Pokémon called "Secret Earth Arts". It contained all of his knowledge as an expert of Ground-type Pokémon.[11]

Red, Green and Blue arc

Red first encounters Giovanni at the Pewter Museum, who pretends to be an amateur fossil hunter and archaeologist. They come across two berserk Magmar destroying the Museum, and after Red defeats them, Giovanni hands him an Old Amber as a reward.

As Red leaves, Giovanni laughs spitefully that a mere child like him could defeat Team Rocket. As the Magmar reform and attempt to kill Giovanni, he has his Cloyster kill them by freezing them and shattering their ice form. It is here that Giovanni's true agenda is revealed, to investigate Red and find out how he defeated his subordinates Lt. Surge and Koga. Musing on how Red did not finish off the Magmar himself, Giovanni concludes that Red will not be a serious threat.

Later, Giovanni assigns his executives, Lt. Surge, Sabrina and Koga, to fuse the three legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres) as a compensation for the 'Mewtwo Project' which results in Mewtwo's escape and Blaine's defection. He assigns them to capture Professor Oak As Red travels to the Viridian City gym to find out what happened to its missing leader, Giovanni comes forth, revealing himself to be both the Gym Leader and the leader of Team Rocket. 

He challenges Red to a battle, stating that he will join Team Rocket should he lose. Although Giovanni quickly gains the upper hand as he was a far more experienced trainer, he was finally defeated by a Thunderbolt attack and disappears.

After the battle was over, Giovanni collected Red's blood for future experiments.[12]

Yellow arc

Two years after Giovanni's downfall[13] Agatha and Lorelei encountered Red, as the former took Giovanni's amplification device from Silph Co. The two demanded from Giovanni's Earth Badge,[14] which Red did not have.[15] Agatha, Lorelei and Bruno defeated Red at Mt. Moon and froze him. Some time later, Giovanni came[16] and had Nidoking shatter the ice. Giovanni also gave Red the Spoon of Destiny, which pointed to Cerise Island, and the Evolutionary Stones that could transform his Vee.[17]

Giovanni had Rhyhorn save Yellow from her demise at the hands of Lance.[1] Yellow sensed from Pika's thoughts that it fought against Giovanni before, and wondered if he was an ally or an enemy. Giovanni had Rhyhorn stomp at a boulder, revealing the invisible bubbles Lance had Dragonair and Gyarados produce. He also had Nidoqueen attack the bubble Lance was in, but was overwhelmed by the heat of the bubble that came from lava. Lance continued attacking, so Giovanni dropped a Poké Ball. From the Ball, Beedrill came out and pierced the bubble, causing Lance's formation to dissolve. Beedrill also intimidated Lance, who recognized Giovanni as Viridian City's Gym Leader. Yellow recalled as the unbeatable Gym Leader; she tried to intervene, but Giovanni stopped her. He pointed out to Lance organization wouldn't be stopped by the likes of the Elite Four. Lance saw Giovanni was powerful, even if he was a member of Team Rocket. While Yellow recalled Team Rocket were the ones that threatened her homeland, Giovanni proposed Lance to surrender.[18]

Lance was smiling, as Giovanni's Earth Badge came out of his suit. Lance stated that Cerise Island was an amplification device for the Gym Badges, and he had all eight in the possession. Giovanni retreated, leaving Yellow to do battle with Lance.[19] As Yellow emerged victorious in combat, Giovanni watched as the island started blooming with flowers. He met up with Lt. Surge and Sabrina, who promised to restore the organization. Giovanni refused and asked of them to return to their Gyms, for he had to continue his journey.[20]

Yellow arc

Giovanni left his Gym, which was empty and without a leader. The Association spoke of the problem, seeing they had to be careful about which candidate should be for his Gym.[21]

Crystal arc

Before Janine inherited the title of the Gym Leader, she was taught by her father, Koga, about battling. She also told she would serve Giovanni one day.[22] While investigating the area around Mahogany Town, Lt. Surge wondered who was the new leader of Team Rocket, as the organization was supposed to be disbanded after Giovanni had left.[23]

Ruby & Sapphire arc

While the Hoenn crisis took place, Giovanni learned of Deoxys, who could help him find his son. Once the Mossdeep Space Center's people were attacked, Giovanni had his people take the pods containing the two Deoxys. They also learned that Deoxys could change forms, depending on the climate it was living in, either Sevii Islands or Hoenn. One of the Deoxys escaped, while Giovanni learned that Deoxys went to Birth Island to regain its strength.[24] That Deoxys, Organism Number 2, while escaping, broke one of the vials. The vial contained Red's blood Giovanni obtained earlier and absorbed it.[12]

Once the Hoenn crisis was over, Giovanni came with his subordinates - Sird, Carr and Orm - and took the Red and Blue Orb, which took shape as two shards.[25] Just as they were to leave, Giovanni sensed someone was watching them. He sent Beedrill to attack, but the figure had stopped, so Giovanni went with the Three Beasts away.[26]

FireRed and LeafGreen arc

Giovanni encountered Deoxys, who fled. A biker Deoxys attacked clinged to Giovanni, begging to protect him from "the monster". Giovanni brushed him off and sent Nidoking and Nidoqueen to protect himself from the biker's Magmar. Shortly after, Nidoking used Rock Tomb, which blew away Magmar and the biker. Giovanni was displeased, stating Deoxys was a very powerful Pokémon from space, then left.[27] The event was seen by a girl named Lostelle, who made a picture of the man and sent it to Bill. Bill told this to Red and Blue, who were certain they'd run into Giovanni soon.[28] The Three Beasts - Sird, Carr and Orm - confirmed they were working for Giovanni, who came to Sevii Islands.[29]

Once Sird defeated Lorelei, she called Giovanni, who polished the Ruby and Sapphire stones. Giovanni was glad that he could count on his executives, and that Deoxys' Attack and Defense forms were activated.[30] Sird tracked Deoxys' whereabouts, seeing that it went to Birth Island and sealed itself inside a crystal to regenerate itself. Giovanni thanked her and Carr for finding it.[2] Giovanni went with Crobat and Beedrill to the island to capture it.[5] He had his Aggron battle Deoxys, but Deoxys started to move itself. Thus, Giovanni had his Beedrill circle around and provoke Deoxys, giving Aggron an opportunity to shatter its defenses with Brick Break, shattering the crystal (which was made from Reflect and Light Screen moves). Giovanni threw a Poké Ball and successfully caught Deoxys. Giovanni was pleased and knew without Red's help, he couldn't have captured Deoxys. He was also aware the climate from Hoenn would pass onto Sevii Islands and Kanto as well, through the power of Ruby and Sapphire stones.[3]

Giovanni later appeared at Trainer Tower, where he confronted the Pokédex Holders and Mewtwo. Mewtwo revealed to Giovanni that it held a grudge against him for creating him to be used for destruction. Since they were confronted by Deoxys' clones, Mewtwo thought it and Deoxys were one and the same. Giovanni denied that, since Deoxys mutated from a space virus and was more powerful than Mewtwo. Mewtwo was even more angry, but Giovanni merely trapped it within a special armor called M2Bind.[31] Giovanni stated Mewtwo's power was drained, as the "R" system Carr designed in the Trainer Tower was controlling the armor. He then left, since the Deoxys' clones could defeat them. Blue tried to hold Giovanni, disgusted that Giovanni was once a Gym Leader that wrote a book on Ground type Pokémon. Giovanni shook him off and left to the airship. Once he came to the airship, Giovanni thanked his executives had his Deoxys point at the location where his son was, by using a handkerchief. Deoxys showed the son was at Viridian City, which surprised Giovanni a bit, but had the airship sail towards that city.[32] Carr rebelled, seeing he and others were pawns for Giovanni to find his son, who would inherit the title of the leader of Team Rocket. Deoxys attacked Carr and Sird locked him in a room. Giovanni was pleased by their loyalty and warned Orm not to become like Carr, who told he merely wished to see the boss reunited with his family.[4] Giovanni went to meet his son in person. However, Giovanni felt a pain in his chest and had Sird and Orm go in his stead.[33] Giovanni, seeking payback in their previous battle, proclaimed that he would fight Red alone, asking of Deoxys to help him.[34]

Giovanni welcomed Red on the airship (which turned into a stadium), and stood as a trainer to challenge Red, the Champion. He summoned Deoxys to fight against Red's Mewtwo, stating that Deoxys could shift forms. Deoxys changed into Attack, Defense and Speed Forms, while Red ordered Mewtwo to strike at Deoxys' crystal.[35] Giovanni expected more of a strategy from Red, as Deoxys defended itself with Defense Form, then retaliated with Attack Form. Deoxys grabbed Mewtwo, whose spoon pierced through the crystal, as Red knew disabling its core would greatly weaken Deoxys.[36] Giovanni saw that Red actually had a strategy, who recalled how Deoxys healed itself first, then retaliated with Psycho Boost. Just as Mewtwo went to defeat Deoxys, Deoxys actually created an illusion and attacked Mewtwo with its tentacle, then used Recover and prepared to use Psycho Boost.[37] Mewtwo took the hit and was severely wounded. Red went to send another Pokémon, but was reminded by Mewtwo it was a one-on-one battle. Deoxys brushed Mewtwo away, and Giovanni offered Red a chance to surrender himself. Red swore to end Giovanni's tyranny and to find the reason for his weird feeling in the chest.[38] Red attacked Giovanni, but was grappled by Deoxys. However, Red actually took Giovanni's controller and activated it, protecting Mewtwo from Deoxys' attacks. Mewtwo recovered itself as well and fired a beam, which hit Deoxys through its core, defeating it in Defense Form. Giovanni was in shock, as he never ordered Deoxys to change its form (who continued changing forms), since Bill and Celio succeeded in retrieving the Ruby and Sapphire stones, thus negating Deoxys' ability to shift forms.[39]

Since Giovanni was suffering from a disease, he was taken by Orm inside the room where Silver was.[24] Silver expressed contempt that his father was associated with a criminal organisation and didn't want to be a part of it. Giovanni started waking up and muttered Silver's name.[6] Due to Carr's involvement, the airship was equipped with 10 Forretress that were to explode. To save everyone, Red had Deoxys teleport Giovanni, Silver, Yellow and Mewtwo away.[40]

However, when they emerged from the black hole, Giovanni and Silver found themselves in a flaming chamber, contrary to Red's expectations. Giovanni put Silver's life ahead of his own, holding him away from the flames; commenting how much Silver has grown up since he was a child. He recalled how much he made duplicate things, since Silver was losing stuff all the time. As Blue intervened with his Rhydon the unconscious Giovanni and Silver were rescued. Silver, who woke up, refused to acknowledge Giovanni as his father. Blue taught him that he was once a lot like Silver, and that he should accept Giovanni as his father, despite his involvement with Team Rocket, as he did rescue Silver's life. Silver did so, crying over Giovanni's unconscious body.[41] He ordered his Ursaring to take Giovanni back to his base, in order to recuperate from his injuries.[42]

HeartGold and SoulSilver arc

Giovanni's whereabouts are unknown, and his son Silver is searching for him. He reappears later in chapter.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc

Giovanni rescued Red, Green, Blaise and Amber and took them to the ship. He also welcomed them all, since he also wished to save the planet from the meteorite.[43] Giovanni stated like Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, he also wished to save the planet. He exclaimed the meteorite grew in size, and that the ones falling currently were small compared to the giant one. He simply stated he couldn't rule the world if there was none to rule, which angered Red for such a statement. Since Kyogre and Groudon continued to fight, Giovanni claimed they could simply watch as they struggled to fight. As Blaise and Amber went to their former leaders, Maxie and Archie, Giovanni was displeased how much power did they use to simply crush the small meteorite. Red wondered what could they do, but Giovanni remained silent about that.[44]

Later on, Giovanni, Red, Blue, Blaise and Amber came to the group, who wanted to stop the meteorite. As Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald were shocked to see Red and Blue with the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni asked Zinnia what the meteorite actually was. He Mega Evolved his Beedrill recalling that Mega Evolution could only be used during battles. This made Steven Stone realize the meteorite was actually a Pokémon from outer space.[45] Giovanni also watched as Ruby and Sapphire had their Mega Rayquaza shatter the meteorite, revealing Deoxys (Organism Number 2) that Giovanni discarded long time ago, which came back for revenge. After Deoxys' defeat, Giovanni watched as Ruby and Sapphire returned back to the planet.[46]


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Giovanni's Nidoqueen Adventures

Giovanni's Nidoking Adventures

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Silver's Ursaring Adventures



  • Giovanni is the only evil team leader who remains active in the manga after his defeat.
  • Giovanni ironically shares the same blood type and birth month as his archnemesis, Red, which is 'O' and 'August'.


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