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Hometown: Pallet Town
Region: Kanto
Family: Mayor (Father)
Class: Trainer
Friends: Professor Oak, Tracey Sketchit, Delia Ketchum
First Appearance: Journey to the Starting Line
Voice actor: Jason Griffith (English)
Noriko Hidaka (Japanese)

Gilbert is the son of the Mayor of Pallet Town and appears in the anime episode Journey to the Starting Line, and his voice is done by Noriko Hidaka in Japanese and Jason Griffith in English. At first, he is a spoiled little boy who wants only rare and strong Pokémon, like Raichu and Torchic because they are "special" and even mentioned wanting Ash's Pikachu!, but as he looks for the escaped Bulbasaur with Ash Ketchum and friends, he realises the bond between Trainer and Pokémon and eventually chooses Bulbasaur as his Starter Pokémon.

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