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(ジャイアント たかた Giant Takada)
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Kanto
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: IL029: The Punchy Pokémon

Giant is a character that appeared in The Punchy Pokémon. He and his Hitmonlee intended to compete in the P1 Grand Prix, however, Team Rocket wanted to compete to get the reward and stole Giant's Hitmonlee, his clothes, and locked him in a bathroom. It is unknown what happened to Giant afterwards.


Pokémon Information
Giant Hitmonlee
Hitmonlee is Giant's only known Pokémon. Giant and Hitmonlee were planning on entering the P1 Grand Prix until Team Rocket spotted Hitmonlee. They took Giant's clothing, Hitmonlee and locked Giant in a bathroom so they could enter the tournament to win the prize. Known moves: Mega Kick and Hi Jump Kick.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
IL029 The Punchy Pokémon

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