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Type Ghost

Ghost-type Pokémon tend to be weak in terms of attack, but they also tend to specialize in speed and special defense. Most ghost types are very hard to hit. They are strong against psychic pokemon.

Ghost Pokémon deal with the supernatural, specifically the realm of the dead. In the Red, Blue and Yellow versions of Pokémon, all wild Ghost Pokémon required a special item to see them clearly.

Excluding Arceus while holding a Spooky Plate, the only legendary Ghost Pokémon is Giratina.

Abilities of Ghost Pokémon


Dream World

Ghost Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
092 Gastly 093 Haunter 094 Gengar Poison
200 Misdreavus 429 Mismagius
Template:Not from type 292 Shedinja Bug; Only Shedinja is Ghost
302 Sableye Dark
353 Shuppet 354 Banette
355 Duskull 356 Dusclops 477 Dusknoir
425 Drifloon 426 Drifblim Flying
442 Spiritomb Dark
Template:Not from type 478 Froslass Ice; Only Froslass is Ghost
File:479A.png Rotom Electric (Normal Form)
487A487BGiratina Dragon
562 Yamask 563 Cofagrigus
592592A Frillish 593593A Jellicent Water
607 Litwick 608 Lampent 609 Chandelure Fire
622 Golett 623 Golurk Ground


  • The only Ghost-type Pokémon released in Generation I were Gastly and its evolutions.
  • The first pure Ghost-type Pokémon was Misdreavus.
  • Except for Sableye and Spiritomb, all dual-type Ghost-types have unique type combinations, or type combinations exclusive to their evolutionary relatives.
  • The Ghost type is the least common type, having 27 members.

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