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Ghetsis (Adventures)

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(ゲーチス Geechisu)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Unknown
Region: [[Unova]]
Family: N (son)
Friends: Unknown
Class: Team Plasma/Sage
First Appearance: Pokémon Adventures
[[Category:Characters from Unova]]

Plot Overview

Ghetsis first appeared in Accumula Town in Team Plasma's campaign, in which he proclaims that his goal is to free Pokémon from slavery by their Trainers. Many listened and released their Pokémon, prompting Black to become angry since most of the Pokémon were strongly attached to their trainers.

He appeared later, where he paralyzed Black with his Eelektross and stole the Dark Stone, which he then delievered to N.

When Team Plasma goes to the Pokemon League, Brycen suspects that they are behind the disappearing Gym Leaders. He is correct, however, Ghetsis uses Hawes as a hostage in order to prevent Brycen from freeing them. He adds Brycen to his collection of Gym Leaders on crucifixes and taunts Black. Black tries to battle him, but Hydriegon sweeps his entire team.

Black has a rematch with him at N's Castle and is able to gain the upper hand, with Hydreigon being unable to defeat a single Pokemon, and is wiped out by Galvantula's X-Scissor. Volcarona is able to camouflage itself in the sun, but it was knocked out by Carracosta's Stone Edge. Cofagrigus is able to overwhelm Musharna, but Braviary's Sky Drop defeats it. Even so, Eelektross is able to defeat Carracosta and Braviary, but is defeated by Emboar's Flare Blitz. Emboar is beaten by Seismitoad, who in turn is knocked out by Musharna's Hidden Power.


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