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|japanese title = 第2世代
|romaji title = Dai Ni-sedai
|image = Pokemon-_Crystal_Version_-_2001_-_Nintendo.jpg
|region = Johto
|JNDebut = November 21, 1999
|ENDebut = October 14, 2000
|pokemon = 251 <small>(100 new)</small>
|JNGenEnd=November 21, 2002 <small>(1096 days)</small>
|maingames=Gold, Silver, Crystal
|remakes =
|caption = Pokémon Crystal's Title Screen
|battlegame = [[Pokémon Stadium 2]]
|USGenEnd = October 25, 2003 (Anime)}}
'''Generation II''' (also known as the '''metal''' or '''precious metal generation''') is the second generation of Pokémon games, and sequels to the original Generation I games ''Red and Green'' (''Red and Blue'' for international players).
Generation II was the first Generation where Pokémon began to expand, introducing 100 new [[Pokémon]] which could not be found in the original Generation I games. Many of these Pokémon expand the evolution families of older Pokémon, while a majority of them are brand-new evolutionary families.
These games were initially called "Pocket Monsters 2". Generation II events occur three years after Generation I, and occur simultaneously with the events of [[Generation IV]].
==Starter Pokemon==
The three Starter Pokemon in Gen. II are:
*[[Chikorita]] - {{type|Grass}}
*[[Cyndaquil]] - {{type|Fire}}
*[[Totodile]] - {{type|Water}}
==Advances in gameplay==
Generation II kept the system from Generation I in almost every aspect, but added new features to the series, many of which have been kept in every Generation afterward.
*100 new [[Pokémon]].
*8 new [[Gym Leader]]s.
*2 new [[Pokémon]] Types: {{type|Dark}} (Japanese: あくタイプ Evil type) and {{Type|Steel}} (Japanese: はがねタイプ Hagane type).
*[[Pokémon]] now have genders. Some Pokémon are exclusively female (ex. [[Chansey]]), exclusively male (eg. [[Hitmonchan]]) or without gender ([[Magnemite]]).
*[[Pokémon]] Breeding. Some Pokémon (eg. [[Pichu]]) can only be obtained through breeding. Some moves can also be learned exclusively through breeding.
*The [[Pokémon]] maintain a degree of happiness. Some Pokémon only evolve when reaching a certain degree of happiness (eg. [[Eevee]]).
*Backward compatibility with Red, Blue and Yellow versions.
*Internal clock: Included for the first time. Times of day are also separated into Morning, Day and Night.
*Different [[Pokémon]] are encountered at different times and certain events only happen during certain days of the week.
*An EXP bar was added to the battle screen to show how much is needed to level up.
*The SPECIAL stat was separated into Special [[Statistics#Attack|Attack]] and Special [[Defense]].
*The Pokémon may carry items equipped that they can use themselves in battle [[Pokémon]].
*Berries are introduced (in the third generation would be replaced by other types) and differentiate between objects that the [[Pokémon]] can be used by themselves in combat and those who do not.
*Certain [[Pokémon]] are now able to evolve when traded while holding a particular item.
*First appearance of [[Pokérus]].
*A new feature called the [[PokéGear]] appears that has the capabilities of a mobile phone, allowing trainers to challenge you to a rematch, and radio, with various radio shows and music.
*Some [[Pokémon]] are updated with new types or characteristics ([[Magnemite]] and [[Magneton]] become {{Type|Electric}}/{{Type|Steel}} type, for example).
*In-battle weather effects are added.
*{{Type|Ghost}}-type attacks are super effective against {{Type|Psychic}} [[Pokémon]]. {{Type|Poison}} attacks do normal damage to {{Type|Bug}} Pokémon, {{Type|Bug}} attacks now do half damage to the {{Type|Poison}} [[Pokémon]]. {{Type|Ice}} attacks are now ineffective against {{Type|Fire}} [[Pokémon]].
*Some attacks have changed their type, e.g. [[Bite]] changed from {{Type|Normal}} to {{Type|Dark}} type. New movements are added, highlighting the {{Type|Bug}} to balance the weaknesses of {{Type|Psychic}}-type [[Pokémon]].
*A new evolution stone, the [[Sun Stone]] was added.
*New evolutions for Pokémon that previous didn't evolve (eg. [[Scyther]]) and alternative evolutions for others ([[Eevee]], [[Gloom]], [[Poliwhirl]]).
*For the first time, [[Legendary Pokémon]] appear as version mascots, each obtained earlier in their respective game than the other.
*The backpack where objects are kept were separated into different compartments.
*New types of [[Poké Ball]]s, many of them created from [[Apricorn]]s.
*The ability to find differently colored Pokémon, [[Shiny Pokémon]], is added.
*Possibility to visit [[Kanto]] years after Red/Blue/Yellow, with trainers with high levels, the opportunity to complete the eight Gyms in [[Kanto]] (being 16 in total in the game), and the ability to fight both [[Blue]], or the rival from the previous generation and [[Red]], the protagonist of the previous generation.
*In Crystal, a female player character, [[Kris]], can be chosen for the first time.
*In Crystal, moving sprites are given to opposing Pokémon and Pokémon on their stats page.
*Gold, Silver and Crystal feature infra-red connectivity to the Pokémon Pikachu and Pokémon Pikachu 2 pedometer using the mystery gift feature.
=== Gym Leaders ===
|[[Violet City]]
|[[Azalea Town]]
|[[Goldenrod City]]
|[[Ecruteak City]]
|[[Cianwood City]]
|[[Olivine City]]
|[[Mahogany Town]]
[[Blackthorn City]]
===Elite Four===
{{main|List of Pokémon#Generation II}}
File:Pokemon gold.jpg|[[Pokémon Gold and Silver|Pokémon Gold]]
File:Pokemon silver.jpg|[[Pokémon Gold and Silver|Pokémon Silver]]
File:Puzzle Challenge Cover.png|[[Pokémon Puzzle Challenge]]
File:Pokémon Stadium 2 Cover.jpg|[[Pokémon Stadium 2]]
File:Pokemon crystal.png|[[Pokémon Crystal]]
File:250px-SsbmBoxart.jpg|[[Super Smash Bros. Melee]]
04-11-12 09-32-46.jpg|Pokémon Silver Title Screen
04-11-12 09-36-15.jpg|Pokémon Gold Title Screen
*Generation II is the currently the only generation where none of the starters or their evolved forms were dual types.
*The European releases of the Gold and Silver games featured no connectivity to the Pokémon Pikachu 2.
*This Generations has the least amount of Pokémon, having only 100.
*Also, this Generation is the last of the Pokémon games for the Game Boy Color.
*This generation was the first to have full color.
*Generation II was the first and so far only Generation (excluding Generation IV remakes) to have the player go to a different region.
*This is the first Generation that have the same villain team as [[Generation I]] soon is [[Generation VI]]
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[[Category:Generation II]]

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