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The History of the Pokemon World is about all the event that have happened in the the Pokemon World.


The following events are history from Gen I/III:

Contemporary History

Some Years Before Gen I

  • A team of scientists discover a new Pokémon (at the time) deep in a jungle in Guyana, South America on July 5. They name the Pokémon Mew on July 10. Mewtwo, a clone of Mew, is born on February 6. Mewtwo escapes from and destroys Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Mansion on September 1 and then goes to Cerulean Cave.
  • Sabrina is declared the official Gym Leader of Saffron City after defeating it's Gym Leader Kiyo.
  • Giratina returns to the Pokémon World.
  • The Hoenn Battle Frontier opens.

Recent History

7 Years before Gen I

Less than 10 Years before Gen I

  • The S.S. Tidal is constructed.
  • The first Pokémon created by specific engineering, Porygon, is created.
  • Rotom inhabits an abandoned mansion in Sinnoh.

11 Years before Gen I

40 Years before Gen III

  • Lunatone is seen for the first time in the crater

150 Years before Gen I

400 Years before Gen I

  • Azalea Town is struck with a long-term drought. After bringing the rain back once again by yawning, Slowpoke gains an honourable position in the town.
  • The Pokémon move Toxic is invented by a ninja.

500 Years before Gen I

700 Years before Gen I

Hundreds of Years before Gen I

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