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Gear Station(UNOVA)

Gear Station In Nimbasa City

The Gear Station is located in Nimbasa City.


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Gear Station, basically the host of the battle subway,the battle subway hosts eight train lines which as the name suggests lets you battle.It is located in Nimbasa city as soon as you pass thorough the tunnel or fly there just go forward and you'll run into a sign next to a big building with a clown located just outside of it,to be more discriptive there are to flags on the left a red and on the right a green.Thats also where the only available route to anville town is,and not to mention the stats judge which can appraise a pokémons IVs.
  • Battle Subway Map
  • An over look-the gear station is the building with the green roof
  • Flags,clown,sign post,the building itself

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