Gateway Colosseum

The Gateway Colosseum is a Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution and is unlocked by default along with Main Street Colosseum. The Colosseum Leader is Joe. This Colosseum is one of the two (the other being Main Street Colosseum) you'll start with in the beginning of the game. However, when it's the first time in this Colosseum you will start off in the Rental Pass Battle where you'll have to use the pre character rental passes of either Nate or Cyndy's passes but later on you'll get to unlock the other trainers rental passes for Tommy, Daisy, Joel and Natalie. When beaten this game for the first time, the Colosseum's rules also changes to the "Trade Battles".

Rental Pass Battle

These trainers appear under the Rental Pass Battle but also they appear later in the Trade Battle as well.

  1. Marcel: Leader-In-Training
  2. Alec : Ordinary Guy (Normal Type)
  3. Brooke: Tomboy
  4. Annie: Hiking Girl
  5. Cedric: Traveling Guy
  6. Crystal: Three Sisters (Ghost Type)
  7. Joe: Colosseum Master (Trade Battle as Normal Type)

Joe - Final Battle

DP 327 front
 Type Normal 
DP 425 front
 Type Ghost Type Flying 
DP 258 front
 Type Water 
DP 255 front
 Type Fire 
DP 252 front
 Type Grass 
DP 225 front
 Type Ice Type Flying 
Lv. 30+ Lv. 30+ Lv. 30+ Lv. 30+ Lv. 30+ Lv. 30+
Ability: Tangled Feet Ability: Aftermath Ability: Torrent Ability: Blaze Ability: Overgrow Ability: -
Item: Wiki Berry Item: Sitrus Berry Item: Leftovers Item: Charcoal Item: Focus Sash Item: Lum Berry
Dizzy Punch Ominous Wind Waterfall Slash Energy Ball Present
Psybeam Confusion Endeavor Flamethrower Dragon Breath Pluck
Psycho Cut Calm Mind Bite Rock Slide Detect Aurora Beam
Teeter Dance Shock Wave Bide Shadow Claw Captivate Hail

Trade Battles

These trainers appear under the Trade Battle when beaten the game for the first time and it's changes the rules as well along with a set of difficult trainers and ranks.

  1. Chelsie: Close Siblings
  2. Dominick: Three Brothers (Fighting Type)
  3. Hailey : Play Pirate
  4. Chaz: Hiking Boy
  5. Bryant: Lone Wolf
  6. Brandy: Traveling Lady
  7. Kolton: PIKACHU Fan
  8. Leah: Poké Ball Collector
  9. Rory: Hiking Club Member
  10. Elaine: Joe's Groupie
  11. Tyrell: Passionate Rider
  12. Gabriella: Celebrity
  13. Shaun: High Tech Maniac
  14. Felicia: Joe's Groupie
  15. Paige: Swimming Club Member
  16. Mark: Leader-In-Training
  17. Alexa: Splashing Girl (Water Type)
  18. Marley: Expedition Member