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Team Galactic Grunts

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Team Galactic Grunts

Team Galactic Grunts

Galactic Grunts are the low-leveled agents of Team Galactic. They work under their commanders and Cyrus. They are men and women with turquoise hair and are dressed in space suits. They appear in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. They may be battled in single, but also with an option of fighting them in a double battle. They mostly battle alone, but, on occasion, can team up in double battles, where the player will fight them alongside Lucas/Dawn.


Male Grunt Sprite Female Grunt Sprite
Galactic Grunt(M)DPPtsprite
Galactic Grunt(F)DPPtsprite


In the games


File:DiamondPearlZubatMale.png File:DiamondPearlGolbatMale.png File:Wurmple(DP)sprite.png File:Silcoon(DP)sprite.png File:Beautifly(DP)Male.png File:DiamondPearlCascoon.png
Zubat Golbat Wurmple Silcoon Beautifly Cascoon
File:DiamondPearlDustox(M).png File:Glameow(DP)Sprite.png File:DiamondPearlStunky(M).png File:Bronzor(DP)Sprite.png File:CroagunkDiamondPearl.png
Dustox Glameow Stunky Bronzor Croagunk


File:PlatinumZubat(M).png File:PlatinumGolbat(M).png File:Murkrow(P)Sprite.png File:Houndour(P)Sprite.png File:PlatinumGlameow.png File:PlatinumStunky.png File:PlatinumCroagunk.png
Zubat Golbat Murkrow Houndour Glameow Stunky Croagunk

In the anime

Pokémon Information
Golbat are used for either battle or research in the air by each Galactic Grunt.


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