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Raise the Red Gyarados (VS赤ギャラドス VS Red Gyarados) (known as VS. Red Gyarados in Chuang Yi version) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 9.


Gold managed to come to the Lake of Rage, where he and Silver encounter Gyarados, who evolve through the frequency of the sound waves. Silver makes a plan to defeat the source by catching the Red Gyarados, the leader. However, after the battle, an enemy Gold fought before appears.

Chapter Plot

Suddenly, a Gyarados emerges from the lake. The citizens run away, fearing this huge Gyarados will come to the city. Silver runs towards the lake, so Gold stops him, proposing to join him. Gold points out it'd be useful if he joins. Gyarados attacks, so Silver points at a Magikarp, who suddenly evolves into a Gyarados. Silver tells he noticed radio waves, which help it evolve. He leaves Gold to stall the Gyarados, as he goes somewhere. Gold sends Polibo to use Double Slap, which does not work on Gyarados. Gold promises to get Silver for leaving him.

Silver, however, tries to find the source of the problem. Gold gets attacked by Gyarados, thinking if it keeps up, the citizens will be endangered. However, he and Silver wonder where is the antenna, the source of the radio waves. Elm and Joey try to contact Gold, but fail, for there is an interference in the signal. Elm hopes Gold is not involved in this crisis. Suddenly, a Red Gyarados emerges, while Silver and Gold notice the radio waves signal getting stronger. They see Red Gyarados *is* the antenna. Gold aims to defeat it, but Silver proposes to catch it. Polibo uses Whirlpool, engulfing Red Gyarados, allowing Silver's Murkrow to use Pursuit and Silver catches the Red Gyarados.

The other Gyarados leave, while Silver records the frequency, for there might be more radio waves in the future. Gold wonders who is behind these artificial evolutions, thinking it may be connected with the incident in Ecruteak City. Silver warns Gold not to stand in his way, as Team Rocket is getting stronger. Gold wants to hunt them down, so Silver is displeased and prepares for a battle. Gold refuses to back down. Suddenly, a fog appears, so Gold and Silver turn around, seeing the Masked Man.

Gold goes to settle the score with the Masked Man, but Silver warns him the Masked Man is too strong for him.



Silver's Gyarados




This is the first chapter to debut a shiny Pokémon.


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