Battle in a Bitter Cold Land!! (たたりの真実 The Truth of the Curse) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team.


Ginji and Mudkip come to a cave, where Ninetales lives. However, they encounter Team ACT, who are not pleased Ginji came all this way. They start a fight, but Ninetales appears and sheds the truth on the situation.

Chapter Plot

Gengar witnessed Ginji surviving the battles against Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos. Gengar walks away, while Ginji and Mudkip arrive at a cave, where Ninetales is supposed to be. Mudkip admits he is a bit nervous, though Ginji steps into the cave itself. They find many paths, which lead to various paths. Ginji senses where they have to go, confusing Mudkip a bit. Soon, Ginji gives up, but he and Mudkip are approached by an Alakazam, a Charizard and a Tyranitar. Mudkip is glad, for they are saved by this gold-rank rescue team. Alakzam admits they came to save Mudkip, per Gengar's request. Tyranitar grabs Ginji, while Alakazam tells Mudkip he can go home now. Mudkip claims they are being fooled by Gengar, but Alakazam reminds him Ginji is too powerful, having defeated Zapdos and Moltres. Torchic burns Tyranitar and Mudkip joins him, as they want to uncover the truth. Alakazam decides they will have to battle Mudkip and Ginji as well.

Charizard strikes with Metal Claw, but misses. Tyranitar uses Rock Slide, but misses as well, so Alakazam stops Ginji and Mudkip with Psychic. To retaliate, Mudkip uses Whirlpool on Tyranitar, followed with Ginji's Flamethrower. Charizard, however, falls down after getting hurt with Quick Attack and Peck from Ginji. Alakazam is amazed by Mudkip's prowess, but will not surrender to him nor Ginji. Charizard and Tyranitar stand back up, so Ginji and Mudkip see well they are really gold-rank. Mudkip and Ginji attempt another attack, but are stopped by Ninetales. Ninetales comes, knowing well Alakazam is aware how much power Ginji has. Ninetales is glad Ginji came to them. Ginji asks if he really is a cursed human being. Ninetales replies he is not, making Ginji relieved and Mudkip very glad for him.

Alakazam asks what is the cause of these natural disasters. Ninetales replies the source is Gengar, who is actually the cursed human, while Groudon will awaken soon. Ninetales counts on Ginji, the human, to stop this threat. Ginji starts wondering about his past life, can he really save the world. Mudkip slaps Ginji, doubting such a tiny Torchic can ever stand up to Groudon and save the world. Torchic yells out he won't know until they try. Ninetales sees Ginji chose to fight, while Tyranitar, Charizard and Alakazam decide to join him.

With his troops rallied, Ginji and his rescue team charge in to save the world.