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XY Furisode Girls

All four Furisode models.

Furisode Girl is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation VI. They are depicted as adolescent girls wearing black, blue, pink or white furisodes, and are only fought in Laverre City Gym, Sushi High Roller, and the Battle Chateau (under the names of Marchioness and Duchess). The Furisode Girls appear to have different map sprites and different VS. art than the other trainer classes in Pokémon X and Y, four in total. Their names are Nerissa, Thalassa, Cliantha, and Gwyneth.

Season 18: XY Kalos Quest

Several Furisode Girls, including Valerie's Gym Trainers from the games, debuted alongside Valerie in A Fashionable Battle!, performing at a fashion show. Some of them reappeared in the next episode, following Ash's Gym battle with Valerie.



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