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Frontier Brains (Japanese: フロンティアブレーン Frontier Brain) are the owner of a facility on a Battle Frontier and are of the highest rank, much like a Gym Leader is to a Gym. Similar to a Gym Leader's Badge, Frontier Brains will hand out an item to a Trainer that proves their skill and is a sign that they have been beaten by that Trainer. Hoenn region Frontier Brains will give out Symbols, while Sinnoh region Frontier Brains will give out Prints.

In the anime, Ash defeated them all. When Scott asked Ash if he wanted to become a member of Frontier Brain, he declined the offer.

Hoenn Frontier Brains

Factory Head Noland Arena Tycoon Greta Dome Ace Tucker Pike Queen Lucy Palace Maven Spenser Pyramid King Brandon Salon Maiden Anabel
185px-Emerald Factory Head Noland Greta Emerald Dome Ace Tucker Emerald Pike Queen Lucy Emerald Palace Maven Spenser Emerald Pyramid King Brandon Emerald Salon Maiden Anabel

Sinnoh & Johto Frontier Brains

Factory Head Thorton Tower Tycoon Palmer Arcade Star Dahlia Castle Valet Darach and Lady Caitlin Hall Matron Argenta
200px-Thorton 200px-Palmer Dahlia 230px-DarachCaitlin 200px-Argenta

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