Frisk is an ability that allows the user to identify and take the opponent's held item. If there are two opponent Pokémon in battle holding an item, it will be selected randomly from the two.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#234 Stantler 234 Type Normal
#353 Shuppet 353 Type Ghost
#354 Banette 354 Type Ghost
#574 Gothita 574 Type Psychic
#575 Gothorita 575 Type Psychic
#576 Gothitelle 576 Type Psychic
#708 Phantump 708 Type GhostType Grass
#709 Trevenant 709 Type GhostType Grass
#710 Pumpkaboo 710 Type GhostType Grass
#711 Gourgeist 711 Type GhostType Grass
#714 Noibat 714 Type FlyingType Dragon
#715 Noivern 715 Type FlyingType Dragon


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#040 Wigglytuff 040 Type Normal
#161 Sentret 161 Type Normal
#162 Furret 162 Type Normal
#193 Yanma 193 Type BugType Flying
#355 Duskull 355 Type Ghost
#356 Dusclops 356 Type Ghost
#469 Yanmega 469 Type BugType Flying
#477 Dusknoir 477 Type Ghost


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#103 Exeggutor Type GrassType Dragon

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