Fossil (化石の秘密 The Mystery of the Fossils) is the third TCG expansion set of the Original series. It was released on 21 June 1997 in Japanese and 10 October 1999 in English. This expansion set contains 48 cards in Japanese and 62 cards in English.

Theme decks

Card list

Name Type Rarity
1 Aerodactyl TCG Fighting Rare Holo
2 Articuno TCG Water Rare Holo
3 Ditto TCG Colorless Rare Holo
4 Dragonite TCG Colorless Rare Holo
5 Gengar TCG Psychic Rare Holo
6 Haunter TCG Psychic Rare Holo
7 Hitmonlee TCG Fighting Rare Holo
8 Hypno TCG Psychic Rare Holo
9 Kabutops TCG Fighting Rare Holo
10 Lapras TCG Water Rare Holo
11 Magneton TCG Lightning Rare Holo
12 Moltres TCG Fire Rare Holo
13 Muk TCG Grass Rare Holo
14 Raichu TCG Lightning Rare Holo
15 Zapdos TCG Lightning Rare Holo
16 Aerodactyl TCG Fighting Rare
17 Articuno TCG Water Rare
18 Ditto TCG Colorless Rare
19 Dragonite TCG Colorless Rare
20 Gengar TCG Psychic Rare
21 Haunter TCG Psychic Rare
22 Hitmonlee TCG Fighting Rare
23 Hypno TCG Psychic Rare
24 Kabutops TCG Fighting Rare
25 Lapras TCG Water Rare
26 Magneton TCG Lightning Rare
27 Moltres TCG Fire Rare
28 Muk TCG Grass Rare
29 Raichu TCG Lightning Rare
30 Zapdos TCG Lightning Rare
31 Arbok TCG Grass Uncommon
32 Cloyster TCG Water Uncommon
33 Gastly TCG Psychic Uncommon
34 Golbat TCG Grass Uncommon
35 Golduck TCG Water Uncommon
36 Golem TCG Fighting Uncommon
37 Graveler TCG Fighting Uncommon
38 Kingler TCG Water Uncommon
39 Magmar TCG Fire Uncommon
40 Omastar TCG Water Uncommon
41 Sandslash TCG Fighting Uncommon
42 Seadra TCG Water Uncommon
43 Slowbro TCG Psychic Uncommon
44 Tentacruel TCG Water Uncommon
45 Weezing TCG Grass Uncommon
46 Ekans TCG Grass Common
47 Geodude TCG Fighting Common
48 Grimer TCG Grass Common
49 Horsea TCG Water Common
50 Kabuto TCG Fighting Common
51 Krabby TCG Water Common
52 Omanyte TCG Water Common
53 Psyduck TCG Water Common
54 Shellder TCG Water Common
55 Slowpoke TCG Psychic Common
56 Tentacool TCG Water Common
57 Zubat TCG Grass Common
58 Mr. Fuji Trainer Uncommon
59 Energy Search Trainer Common
60 Gambler Trainer Common
61 Recycle Trainer Common
62 Mysterious Fossil Trainer Common

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