• Use Template:Episode
  • Have a Synopsis
  • Make sure the episode title is correct and use the code to determine which season/series it is. (For example: IL001: Pokémon - I Choose You!)
  • You could try adding a Gallery but it's not that important.
  • Trivia's fairly important but don't worry if you can't put it on.
  • Never copy from Bulbapedia (I think we all know that anyway!)
  • Don't put information on it if your not sure - we don't mind, everyone's here to edit the mistakes.
  • Remember that Major Events are called Major for a reason, it's really annoying when people put things like "Dawn's Pachirisu enters it's First contest." It's not Major it's Minor, nd no we're not going to create a Minor Event section.
  • Follow any other Project Anime Rules not mentioned in this blog.


To avoid confusion and to help with tagging and categorizing use the following codes for the following episodes;

  • IL=Pokemon Indigo League (Episodes 001 to 081) E.g. IL064
  • OI= The Adventures in the Orange Islands (Episodes 082 to 274) E.g. OI023
  • JE= Johto Journeys, Johto League Champions and Master Quest - They're all in Johto. E.g. JL004
  • AG= Advanced, Advanced Challenge, Advanced Battle and Battle Frontier. E.g AG015
  • DP= Diamond and Pearl, Battle Dimension, Galactic Battles and Sinnoh League Victors E.g. DP107
  • BW= Best Wishes E.g. BW012

I reckon if we stick to these rules we could easily organize our episodes now that people know what will help. Leave the Episode Guide to WILEDEDJONES and me - no need to worry. If there's anything else you think we should add then comment. Other than that please listen to this idea - I think it could work really well! If you don't like the system then what do you suggest we do to organize episodes better? - Hstar

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