So much has been happening on Pokémon Wiki these past couple of months. Along with Special:Chat and the IRC, Pokémon Wiki now has some new features.

On June 15, Pokémon Wiki started using colored names in the Recent Changes, so instead of the administrators appearing in blue in the Recent Changes, they now appear in a yellow-gold. So we went from THIS to THIS. This feature will allow users to quickly see who is an administrator of Pokémon Wiki. As well as highlighting the administrators, we also highlight staff and VSTF. As of July 11, we also started highlighting bots. This feature will allow users to see if another user is a bot, and report it to an administrator that the bot doesn't have a flag. Bots will appear in this color in the Recent Changes. If you see a user that is highlighted in this color, report it to an administrator immediately so that the administration can block this user and request a bot flag from Wikia. As of July 21, users who are also rollback are highlighted to show up in the Recent Changes with a dark violet. This highlight feature will allow new users to see who is an administrator, a rollbacker, or a Wikia staff member or a VSTF member. This is greatly beneficial to help new users navigate the userbase of the wiki better.

Another cool feature we now have is a toolbar. Much like toolbars seen on Internet Explorer and Firefox, Pokémon Wiki has a custom toolbar that you are able to download if you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome. The toolbar can be found at The toolbar features a link to the Pokémon Wiki mainpage, a link to Special:Chat, a global clock, a Twitter Checker, a Facebook Checker, the weather of your current location, an Email checker, and a Skype button.

Speaking of Skype, Pokémon Wiki now has a Skype group. To join this group, you either have to create a Skype account and add me, Jäzzi, to your contacts. If you'd like, you can use your actual account, or you can create a new account with your Wikia username.

Jäzzi (talk)


Now that I think of it, there have been many changes. I have noticed that the caption at the top left corner has been changed. --KateWolf (talk)

Yes, that was changed this morning. Due to the fact that File:Wiki-wordmark.png was different from File:Wiki.png I had changed them to keep them consistent with each other. --Jäzzi (talk)

Wow O_O --AdventureWriter28 (talk)

Well, the VSTF and Staff coloring list is outdated. If anyone has the time to do it, add:

  • Deltaneos
  • Jaymach
  • Sulfur

to the VSTF list. Also, you should move Grunny to Wikia Staff now (you can see more on the Staff User List and VSTF User List. It doesn't really matter much, but if you feel like changing it, well, here ya go. :) --Bermuda (talk)

I've been gone for 5 days and a lot happened AGAIN :( --AdventureWriter28 (talk)

Wow!! You've changed your avatar again! And welcome back, AW28 :) --Jirachiwish (talk)

Im new. --King-drake442 (talk)

wow!lotta stuff --Sol988 (talk)

Jäzzi, you are amazing. These changes are fantastic. This will make everything easyer, as well let other people distingwishing different users. --CXXX (talk)

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