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Welcome to the Watercooler.

This is a place for community discussion about the Pokémon Wiki or anything else related to the Pokémon franchise.

To add a new topic, please type a meaningful title in the box below and click "Add new topic". Please sign your contributions as you would on a talk page.

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TopicLast editLast author
Pokemon sprites13:00, February 6, 2016Ellis99
Pokémon Cloning14:43, January 29, 2016Psychic friend fredbear images18:51, January 17, 2016Ellis99
Merge all Cloned Pokémon together16:33, January 8, 2016Lordranged7
Changing intros on Pokémon pages18:58, December 27, 2015Ellis99
Redirect02:59, December 27, 2015Rachin123
Merging Pages23:58, December 26, 2015Shockstorm
Adding Movie Debut to Infoboxes23:20, December 24, 2015Lordranged7
To Create or not to create...22:09, December 3, 2015Ellis99
Portable Infoboxes22:55, October 19, 2015Sannse
He's Been to My House!03:27, October 16, 2015Rgis
Mawile Getting Improved and Blessed More10:57, August 4, 2015Utkar22
How do i take a Pokémon for a walk in Pokémon alpha sapphire04:04, August 3, 2015Stmaarten1778
Looking for good Hoenn region pokémon trying to get this wiki on my favs00:20, July 28, 2015Stmaarten1778
Reinstating Emotions on Chat11:54, July 6, 2015Utkar22
What if there was a Mega Pikachu?09:11, July 6, 2015BenBFF
Fairy Types are an awful idea22:16, July 4, 2015Jade the Disco Fairy
A little help with Sawsbuck...22:10, July 4, 2015Jade the Disco Fairy
Take Down22:03, July 4, 2015Jade the Disco Fairy
Site Mascots00:45, June 29, 2015Energy X
Back To Hoenn?20:52, May 16, 2015Energy X
Deleted article source help.19:20, March 21, 2015Konnichiku
Team help08:05, February 22, 2015Shockstorm
Team help: pokemon leaf green00:42, February 12, 2015Ryo Stonewell
Festival of Battles17:22, February 9, 2015Energy X
Reorganizing Pokémon pages17:12, February 3, 2015Energy X
Vote for new background08:36, January 25, 2015Shockstorm
PokePower07:39, January 25, 2015Shockstorm
ORAS redesign11:37, January 18, 2015Shockstorm
10 year anniversary20:04, December 7, 2014Energy X
ORAS pokerus01:00, November 22, 2014Jdman515
Bot cleanup12:39, November 17, 2014CzechOut
Clarification13:26, November 16, 2014Ellis99
Reviving PokePower Meetings15:10, November 9, 2014Ellis99
Deleting a few pages15:35, November 4, 2014Ellis99
Changing the site name19:53, November 2, 2014Avingnon
Vote for new wordmark07:36, October 24, 2014Remaai
Wikia's proposed backgrounds15:51, October 15, 2014Energy X
New background13:04, September 23, 2014Energy X
Rename of Projects17:04, September 16, 2014Ellis99
Extension Enabled15:35, September 14, 2014Ellis99
Replacing PokePower Project Leaders13:28, September 13, 2014Nectaria
Timing on User Rights12:16, September 11, 2014Ellis99
FOB future22:21, August 30, 2014Shockstorm
Maps13:02, July 26, 2014Energy X
Shining Pokemon02:42, July 15, 2014Bumblebee5253
Episode Guide Restructured, again02:19, May 22, 2014Winxfan1
Iris is a MegaMawile?13:51, May 19, 2014Djt08031996
No Dragalge Episode Article Ever!17:54, May 8, 2014King Marth 64
Twitch Plays Pokemon08:09, February 23, 2014ZeroTigress

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