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(mulch + weather rocks = merged!)
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*Poké Balls
*Poké Balls
*Mulch ([[Damp Mulch]], etc.)
*Weather-effect rocks ([[Heat Rock]], etc.)
==Completely Merged==
==Completely Merged==
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*[[Weather Rocks]]

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Forums: Index Administration The Merge

Recently, I posted a forum for a community discussion about merging tiny pages. Anyways, it's supported 100%, and now I am working on completing that task. I've already gone and worked (and completed) on a few. All I need to know is what other small, related pages should be merged. Bermuda • Triangle • 04:20,11/23/2011

In Need of Merging

If any articles are there in need of merging, add it to the list.

  • Battle items (X-Attack, Dire Hit, etc.)
    • Needs name
  • Fossils
  • Mail
  • Vitamins
  • Poké Balls

Completely Merged

Articles that have been merged already.

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