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What do I put in for pokemon tmeplates? Like of a certain pokemon? Like blastoise. I have no idea. —Preceding unsigned comment added by RorqTalon (talkcontribs)

There is no template for a certain pokémon. it is just
|border    = {{Water}}
|backcolor = {{Water}}
|name      = Blastoise
|jname     = (カメックス ''Kamex'')
|ndex      = 009
|evofrom   = [[Wartortle]]
|evointo   = None
|gen       = [[Generation I]]
|pronun    = <math>BLAS-toyce</math>
|hp        = 79
|atk       = 83
|def       = 100
|satk      = 85
|sdef      = 100
|spd       = 78
|total     = 525
|species   = Shellfish Pokémon
|type      = {{Type|Water}}
|height    = <span class="explain" title="1.6 m">5'03"</span>
|weight    = <span class="explain" title="85.5kg">188.5 lbs.</span>
|ability   = [[Torrent]]
|color     = <span style="color:blue;">'''Blue'''</span>
|gender    = <span class="female">12.5% ♀</span>/ <span class="male">87.5% ♂</span>
}}  Hope that helps. 

Slayingmonstersisagame (talk) 17:49, February 22, 2012 (UTC)

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