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A New Pokemon Coming

Well people Nintendo gonna reveal a special pokemon they say it gonna be awesome, Although I cannot confirm the pokemon Looks Pokemon Base should also confirm that it gonna be a tier of the new pokemon series. Pokemon are sure mysterious creatures aren't they? Oh and i forgot one most important thing. If you have a Account it gonna be reveal here to. Have fun and i hope you all looking forward to this new pokemon database. The world of Pokemon i gonna leave a picture up as well just for show I have experience a lot in Pokemon and trainer but this new pokemon nintendo gonna show is probably a Legendary or a Tier user. Most pokemon usually have use for something right. Lets see this new pokemon.

--Wicked gods 02:27, January 8, 2013 (UTC)Wicked gods Also this is my first time editing this area. i just wanted to confirm there is a new pokemon coming soon that nintendo gonna reveal.

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