The fifth generation of Pokemon continues even further with the release of Pokemon Black and White 2! New adventures await in the Unova region, with a brand new plot and new features! Set two years after Pokemon Black and White, new locations and Pokemon from previous generations have appeared. Does this new installment stand above the original? Check out this review roundup for some thoughts about the game. Be sure to reply and let us know what you think once you start your adventure!

1. Loved it

Score: 9.6/10

Pokémon Black Version 2 is far more than a traditional mid-generation release, with enough new and repurposed content to keep you occupied for months on end. It offers an addicting, expertly crafted and glorious realization of turn-based role-playing at its best, and functions as the most complete and balanced Pokémon game yet, as well as the full realization of what a 2D Pokémon adventure should look, feel and play like.

Score: A
BW2 does a fair amount to shake up familiar territory. Although you're tramping through the same Unova region as in B&W, the battle gyms have been redesigned, towns have changed, and new trainers have taken up the cause. The changes are widespread enough that when you come across something that remains totally unchanged, the consistency stands in stark contast to the way the rest of the game world has been treated.

Score: 4/5
Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 feel like the "true" versions of Black and White, much as Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum felt like the real versions of their respective generations. It has more Pokémon, better post-game content and, apart from a few added perks like the aforementioned Memory Link, largely renders the original games unnecessary. Whether returning fans should pick up Black and White 2, meanwhile, depends entirely on whether you're burned out on Pokémon yet…., you already know whether or not you're ready to slog through another eight badges and get back to catching them all.

2. Thought it was OK

Score: 7.5/10
Black and White 2 represent a perfectly adequate, even addictive sequel that falls a bit short short of its full potential. Then again, at some point, a giant, flying, solar-powered pirate ship shows up and freezes whole cities with an ice laser. So... take the good with the bad.

Escapist Magazine:
Score: 3.5/5
There are times when Pokemon Black and White Version 2 feel a little too familiar, especially when you're exploring the same towns, roads, and caves from the previous game. Once you assemble a solid team and start earning gym badges, though, you won't care. The series' trademark charm and addictive challenges will make you want to keep playing, and you might have trouble putting down your system as you pursue the next opponent, next gym badge, or next legendary Pokemon.

Game Informer:
Score: 7.50/10

This latest entry benefits from the long line of previous releases that have iterated on and perfected the original Pokémon games that released in 1998…So many little things make these games fun that it’s tempting to forgive their stubborn opposition to experimentation, but the lack of innovation is disappointing. I know that is a common complaint about Pokémon these days, but it has been earned through years of Nintendo and Game Freak sticking to the same formula. Black and White Version 2 has a title that is usually reserved for sequels that adds new features and expand the experience, but it doesn't live up to that promise.

4. Wikian Reviews

Now it's time for you Wikian's to review Pokemon Black and White 2! If you pick up a copy, post your thoughts in the comments or post your own blog! Let us know what you think while explore across Unova!

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