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by platinum, when i walk around, i see nobody behind me. but wen i want to use fly he says it can't because someone is following me,

and when i walk throuh tall grass i always get va double battle because buck is with me with his claydol. does someone know how to get rid of him,

because it takes so long to get somewhere and i cant go with the boat to the battle frontier anymore.

i don't know when buck started following me, because i quitted for a few months and now i want to play again. &nbsp

Go to Stark Mountain, find the deepest cave where Heatran should be, Buck takes the jewel and leaves.

Digimaster1 11:29, July 28, 2010 (UTC)Digimaster1

but i already gained heatran and he already took the jewel, and he should leave you alone when you get out of the mountain.

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