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Platinum Lucas
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I definitely think through figuring out on the Laverre City Gym page and I totally think that we might need to create a new trainer template since I did see like we have two new trainers that did have multiple VS. Artwork + Sprites such as Tourists (that had the younger and older woman too), Furisode Girls, & Battle Chatelaines and I definitely think that might work out and might avoid making changes on the original trainer template incase if we might make massive changes on the other pages and might use it in the future games incase if they use multiple different sprites or artwork just like X and Y used Furisode Girls & Battle Chatelaines. So, what does anyone think that we can might start on creating a New trainer template for Trainers with Different VS. Artwork that we can might use it and add the images for the Laverre City Gym page, Battle Maison page, and some of the other pages also.

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