Hi, Pokémon Wiki! It's me, Latiasfan. Recently there have been discussions on the Chat about moving the wiki. With the problems of actually getting our own domain, installing MediaWiki, and importing articles, it might never happen.

I just have some suggestions on website hosts. I've been searching for a while and I found these.

They are all based in the US (If you have different info, leave it in the comments).


Thing is, while getting our own domain would be fine, it'd cost money, money which I doubt people want to put out for a hobby. Because I know as much as I love this place, I couldn't put my money out for it, seeing as I pretty much get no money since I don't work yet.

MediaWiki is a, well, I really doubt any of us know how to install it and properly run it. I mean, I'm willing to read up on it and learn how to install it and all that stuff, but it'd be a hassle.

I think if we were to move, our best bet would be to move to, which has Monaco, Vector, and Monobook. And we wouldn't have new stuff forced upon us by Wikia.

Now, if we were to move to Wikkii, we'd have to deal with getting our CSS to work on that site, as well as the JS. Coming from having done the site's CSS, it might be a bit hard to learn how to make it work on Wikkii. I'll go test it on my test wiki there, but if it doesn't work, I don't really want to move.

On topic of not wanting to move, I think it would be in our best interest to keep the wiki where it is, regardless of whether or not Wikia's new additions are crap or not. – zzi 17:06, September 9, 2011 (UTC)

I like wikia. I had this same forum discussion a while ago on my main wiki, and I wanted to stay in wikia then as well. Technology Wizard · talk

I guess Wikkii would be an easier move, if we do move at all. The Latias Fan380 06:57, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

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