This is a very successful wiki. Some of the users speak multiple languages. I only speak a very small language so it is not a lot of help but you may need pages translated into French, Italian, Russian, etc. That is my suggestion.   Yugimuto1    Talk   334 edits   14:56,6/29/2012 

There are already wikis in other languages. --Ciencia Al Poder (talk) 21:05, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

I mean more languages like Romanian, Bulgarian, Armenian, Irish, Portuguese, Japanese.   Yugimuto1    Talk   334 edits   14:56,6/29/2012 

Or Greek, Slovak, Swiss, etc.  Yugimuto1    Talk   334 edits   20:53,7/9/2012 

I also think there should be a project language so that there is more focus of adding the same page in other languages on the bottom of the page, in all other languages that has that page.  Yugimuto1    Talk   334 edits   11:23,7/30/2012 

Anyone?  Yugimuto1    Talk   334 edits   15:29,8/2/2012 

Also Italian and French.  Yugimuto1    Talk   334 edits   10:49,8/26/2012 

Like Ciencia said. There's already wiki's in other languages.   Slay Talk  "Shadows wonder why we scream."15:11,8/27/2012    4,527  

Current Pokemon Wikis

If it helps, here's a list of current international wikis with the '.pokemon.wikia' domain. Of course I understand these all may not be communities associated with this wiki, but it may be worth following up with these wikis:

Hope this helps! --DaNASCAT@fandom (help forum | blog) 14:40, August 31, 2012 (UTC)

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