Hello, I am User:Elecbullet. I am very active in the international community, in finding foreign wikis and having them linked to the English wiki. I was approached by a user to have the Polish and Bulgarian Pokémon wikis interlanguage linked- you may find the conversation here. I very much prefer to have the permission of the English wiki's administrators, however, so I went ahead and created a list of foreign-language Pokémon wikis, you may find it at User:Elecbullet/Interlanguage links. It's more in-depth than DaNASCAT's list from a previous thread, bless his heart.

What I want to do

I ask for an administrator to allow me to do the following:

1. Link Polish and Bulgarian wiki - urgent

The Polish wiki at w:c:pokemony is very large, as is the Bulgarian wiki at w:c:bg.seviland-encyclopedia.

With your permission, I want to have these two wikis linked here. Going by the Main Page, this should be uncontroversial: both wikis are linked to on the Main Page, but not correctly in the software.

I don't think this should be very controversial because it's just two wikis linked two ways, plus the alliances are already there on the Main Page. This is what I was specifically asked to do, so if I can get a quick response on this particular thing it would be great.

2. Create new links

If you take a look at my list of unlinked wikis, there are quite a few. Besides the Bulgarian and Polish wikis, the Dutch (nl:), Norwegian (no:), Russian (ru:), Turkish (tr:), Chinese (zh:), and Hong Kong dialect Chinese (zh-hk:) wikis look promising.

See the full list

I would like to ask your permission to have the six wikis in the small list above linked to the English wiki, and to every other wiki in the international Pokémon wiki family.

Of course, it's up to you what links you permit. Personally I would link every wiki in the list (though only one from each language is permitted- note the bolding). I'm not here to argue policies, though, so I will do whatever the administrator asks of me- even if I'm asked not to perform any links.

3. Standardize links

Interlanguage links are wiki-to-wiki, one way in the most basic form. This wiki links correctly to the Catalan wiki, and to the Romanian wiki, but the Catalan wiki does not correctly link to the Romanian wiki.

I would like to refresh the existing links by creating every possible link between wikis to eliminate these problems. This will basically standardize the existing system, so that an interwiki link that works here will work on the Finnish wiki or Catalan wiki, and so on. Unless requested, this need not link this particular English wiki to any more wikis than it already is.

Does this sound good?

I hope that I don't confuse anyone. I'd recommend that you leave the organization of any changes to me because I've been doing this for a good long time for a good amount of wikis, and the interwiki link system has recently been revamped, which is important for big-name wikis like this one. In any case, the changes I would like to perform are, again:

  1. Link the Polish and Bulgarian wikis (response urgent- my specific request)
  2. Link the Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and Hong Kong dialect Chinese wikis (if you want more or less just say so)
  3. Standardize the interwiki links

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will answer to the best of my ability. Thank you for contributing to the international Pokémon community! Elecbullet (talk) 06:26, December 29, 2012 (UTC)

Permission given by Enemy Peacemaker on my talk page, request gone through. Elecbullet (talk) 02:41, January 27, 2013 (UTC)

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