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Users chatting amongst themselves in Pokémon Wiki's Special:Chat

As of June 30th, Pokémon Wiki has had a feature new to Wikia — Chat! Chat is open for all users to come and join, but you do have to follow the rules of the wiki; that means no swearing, no personal attacks, and no spamming. I will provide further clarification on those rules:

No swearing
Although many of us are at that age where we think swearing makes us "cool", it doesn't. And most people do not want to chat with users who are swearing. If you wouldn't say something by someone younger than you, don't say it in chat. No swearing at all is acceptable.
No personal attacks
If you think something will hurt another user's feelings, don't say it. Some things you may say jokingly, but users might still find them offensive, so do not say them, as they might have a different affect than you thought they would.
No spamming
If you post multiple lines with only one word, it will be considered spamming. Like most wikis, we do not allow spamming. You wouldn't spam an article, so you don't spam chat.

As well as Special:Chat, Pokémon Wiki also has an IRC channel. The same rules apply to the IRC channel as they do to Special:Chat. Do not swearing, spam, or personally attack another user. Unlike Special:Chat, the IRC channel is open to all types of people, meaning that you might see some people that have never edited this wiki, but have edited on Wikia.

Jäzzi (talk)


If people spam, attack, or constantly swear, that is when you need to kickban them and then unkickban them when you think the time is right. --Technology Wizard (talk)

I know that's the time, I've used the IRC before Chat was installed. It's quite simple though, and more effective than IRC bans. --Jäzzi (talk)
Yeah, although for some reason on the user rights log, when you kickban someone, it wont show who did it, but it will say "an anonymous user" kickbanned.... --Technology Wizard (talk)

dear jazzi,

i dont think you can bend spoons with your mind my cousin says theres such thing as something being too mythical i think that u are being too mythical and may be lieing im a black mage. id love for us to be friends sometime!

from,blackmagegirl --Blackmagegirl (talk)

no swearing, got it. --Pokedude44 (talk)

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