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Ok so I had permission by Crimsonnavy to change the badge icons, but Jazzi wanted a forum to be made for Hstar and Bullet to know about it. Does anyone oppose this or have any opinion they want to state? User:Technology Wizard/Signature

I didn't "want a forum to be made for Hstar and Bullet to know about it." I wanted it to be discussed with other admins and have the gun not jumped. I personally think the badges are fine, and that we should not change them, as it gives users more reason to fluff edit for badges. But if we must change them, I think we should use the badges from the games to be used as the images, considering that they are badges. – zzi 01:21, September 5, 2011 (UTC)
I already was going to use the badges from in game before you had mentioned a single thing about it. User:Technology Wizard/Signature

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