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Well, due to our wiki's activity increase, it has been proposed that the achievements could be turned on. Now, the first thing to remember is that they encourage people to edit. However, if there are too many unproductive edits (edits just to earn badges), the achievements would be turned off. To see about the progress, it will be turned on for a month, then decided if it is going to be kept or not.

Now, in case it stays, it should have some designs. Well, I am inclined to take people's advices, so you can propose any name/image that would suit the badge. There are several categories that would be applied:

  • Edit track
  • Category addition track
  • File addition track
  • Time spent on wiki track
  • Blog track
  • Special track (new user, profile addition, lucky badges etc.)
  • Additonal tracks (will be added in time)

So, any proposal for names/images is welcome. Energy X 23:12, June 17, 2014 (UTC)

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