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Forums: Index Help desk A Guide to Skype

For those of you that are coming to Curse with us it is highly recommended that you download Skype since Curse does not have a chat extension. Skype will give us the option to communicate and socialize with our users.

Once Skype is downloaded, open the file to install it. If you do not have a Skype account, you'll have to make one, I recommend using your username.

Do not get Skype premium. You have to pay for Skype premium, Skype is free to use and if we do happen to have a voice call every so often in the group, we will be able to do so without Skype premium.

Once you have Skype installed and up and running, add Jazzi as a contact and she will add you to the group.

Please note that this group is only for those coming to curse. - Jazzi

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