What was Pokémon Wiki's biggest accomplishment of 2011? It's different for every wiki. Thanks to Tama63, POTCO Wiki has a video with users stating what they like about the wiki and what they feel the wiki has accomplished. After checking with Crimson I got the okay to make a video. – zzi 16:03, November 3, 2011 (UTC)


I will be accepting answers till November 12. November 12 will be the last day to submit or change your answers. After November 12, this page will be protected. Please submit your answers soon! – zzi 12:23, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

Questions to think about when filling out your answers

  1. What did it feel like when you first joined?
  2. What were your goals for the wiki.
  3. What are your goals for next year.
  4. Have you made any friends on the wiki.


=== [[User:Username|Username]] ([[User talk:Username|talk]]) ===
# What you think the biggest accomplishment on the wiki was.
# What you think your biggest accomplishment was.
# Your role on the wiki.
# How long you've been on the wiki.
# What other wikis you edit at.
# How long you've been with Wikia.

A little excerpt you would like to be in the video.


Jäzzi (talk)

  1. I feel that the biggest accomplishment of the wiki was gaining more editors and adding a new background to the site.
  2. My biggest accomplishment was probably becoming an admin. At that time, I had only been on the wiki consistently for three months, and I was surprised that I had formed a stance in the community to become an admin.
  3. My role on the wiki is being an admin. Aside from that, I gather images from the anime and form galleries from them.
  4. I have been on the wiki since December 2010, but I started consistently editing in April 2011.
  5. I also edit at Video Game Wiki, occasionally at Zeldapedia, Blink-182 Wiki, but Pokémon Wiki is definiately my main wiki.
  6. I have been with Wikia since around April 22, 2010.

Although I haven't been on this wiki for the longest time, I feel that there has been a major improvement in quality of articles and amount of articles, from what I've seen at least. We've gained more editors, more admins, more rollback editors and we've added the Chat feature. From what I've seen we've really improved. And although we still have some ways to go, I'm pretty sure we can make it!

zzi 16:03, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

Jirachiwish (talk)

  1. The biggest accomplishment on this wiki that I have seen probably was creating more articles to further establish our wiki, which could not have been done without the help of several new users who have joined this site.
  2. My biggest accomplishment on this wiki is trying to assist the wiki by elaborating more upon the various articles that are in desperate need of assistance. Through working on movie-based items such as the ones seen here, as well as various other manga character articles.
  3. My role on the wiki is primarily to work on manga-based articles, although I have worked on movie and anime-based articles quite recently. I am also a Chat Moderator in the wiki chat and a rollbacker.
  4. I have been on this wiki for a relatively short period of time, about six months.
  5. I have edited very vaguely on other wikis, but have worked a little bit on Infbox Wiki (run by Latiasfan) and the Doctor Who Wiki.
  6. I have been editing on Wikia since approximately November (27th) of last year.

The Pokémon Wiki is a great environment to work in. With a friendly community and a bunch of helpful administrators to assist people new to the site, it has vastly grown in the number of editors, which has impacted significantly on the quality of the articles being produced. JW Talk 00:58, November 4, 2011 (UTC)

Bermuda (talk)

  1. The biggest accomplishment on this wiki is that we are finally growing by expanding short articles with the help of several helpful users out there. :)
  2. My biggest accomplishment is probably working on the learnsets. Though I haven't been working on them, I'm planning to when I have free time.
  3. My role on the wiki is to work on game articles. I requested for rollback rights, and a month later, nominated (by Bullet Francisco) for admin rights. Now that I am an admin, I usually just patrolling the wiki when I'm working on other wikis. Other than that, I try my best to edit here.
  4. I've been on the wiki since April 22. Although, I've only recently started editing around late-August.
  5. I primarily edit Toontown. Occasionally, I edit Bomberman and GnomeTown. Other than that, here's one of my home. It's also tough to edit on those wikis, since I am an admin on all of those (and I made a commitment to edit those wikis at least twice a week [or regularly] to do my job as an admin).
  6. I've been on Wikia since January 2011. Although, I technically joined July 2010. Just went on hiatus that's all...

We are striving to make the wiki informative and a friendly environment. Without those key facts, we're just another boring website/wiki. :P Well, gotta catch 'em all! Bermuda • Triangle • 01:18,11/4/2011

Bullet Francisco (talk)

  1. Wow, this wiki has grown a lot since I first joined, we have expanded a lot of stub articles, remastered some templates, added some new ideas, customized the MediaWiki pages, gained new admins and rollbacks, gained a way bigger community, and more! This wiki has grown a lot, and we should be proud closing out the 2011 year!
  2. Honestly, becoming an admin is up there, along with doing the admin work. I was so excited to know that the community liked me enough to make me an admin, and helping out here has been a blast!
  3. Being an editor, I edit game (specifically items and moves) articles, and do my best to add links, expand, and add article management templates. Aside from editing, I usually do admin work around here.
  4. I've been here since late February, and around July, I became a little inactive, and then I started editing actively again.
  5. Sonic News Network, Donkey Kong Wiki, and RAGE Wiki.
  6. Since September 2010 at a smaller wiki I don't edit at anymore.

We are a very friendly environment, and welcome all new users. --Bullet Francisco For Contact 23:26, November 4, 2011 (UTC)

Charizard3 (talk)

  1. I think the biggest accomplishment on this wiki is the new background and gaining more contributors, though 1/3 of them are spammers.
  2. I havn't made any HUGE accomplishments,but I do change spams and mistakes when I see them.
  3. I am just a user, but in a cuple of weeks I might be a admin.
  4. I've been on this wiki since May.
  5. I also edit the Big Time Rush wiki as I am a admin.
  6. I've been with wikia since May because Pokemon wiki is my 1st wiki.

If everyone edits this wiki wisley once. It will still be Organized and Fun.Charizard3 (talk) 23:16, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

Jazzcookie (talk)

  1. The biggest difference I've seen is an increase in users who genuinely care about the wiki; this has had an extremely positive effect on both the content and the community (pats on the back all round!). I feel that the wiki is much more organised, and I'm pleased to see people stamping out plagiarism and poor grammar (my pet hates). The manga section deserves a special mention; the people working on it have done us proud.
  2. Quite obviously, being trusted enough to become a rollbacker is near the top of my accomplishments. Finally learning how the roundy template worked was awesome; I hated having to use ugly ordinary tables! I think generally improving my wikicode is my greatest accomplishment, although I still have a lot left to learn.
  3. I'm a rollbacker, fairly inactive for the time being until I find time to play Pokémon again. My main role atm is reverting vandalism, tweaking pages and correcting mistakes.
  4. *Quickly checks profile* Since the end of March this year.
  5. I'm not a regular contributor on any other wiki.
  6. *Points to answer 4* Since then.

We've got such a good team here, and I'm glad to be a part of it. ^.^ The wiki's improved a lot and we'll continue to get better! Jazzcookie 23:20, November 6, 2011 (UTC)

Crimsonnavy (talk)

  1. I believe our biggest accomplishment has been our integration of a working system for the site's administration. We now have a way of nominating users for user rights. We also seem to have new editors that watch over the wiki for vandals and spammers.
  2. I believe my biggest accomplishment was becoming the bureaucrat of the wiki.
  3. I am the current bureaucrat on the wiki. I am also the current leader of the user organization, organization... I guess that's the right word, PokePower. I mostly specialize in watching out for copyright infringement and removing the content in question, be it images or information.
  4. I have been on the wiki since the beginning of August 2010.
  5. I edit mostly here, but I like to fix any wiki's Double/Broken redirects I happen to come by.
  6. I believe I have been on Wikia since July 2010, I believe my first edit was to the Ben10 Wiki.

While I know this wiki is missing some information, I believe that if we all work together, with experienced users heading the way, we will someday surpass our so called rival Bulbapedia in our quest to become the chief source of Pokémon facts and information. I believe we have made a great stride this year towards our goal, nearly doubling our articles and I am proud to be a member of the Pokémon Wiki and its welcoming community.  CrimsCrimsonnavy PokéBallnnavy   C  S  12:58, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

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