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(ジロウ Jirou)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pewter City
Region: Kanto
Family: Brock (older brother)

Lola (mother)
Flint (father)
Eight younger siblings

Friends: Ash
Class: Trainer
Gym Leader
First appearance: Showdown in Pewter City
Voice actor: Andrew Rannells (English) (4Kids)

Jeanne Burns (English) (PUSA) Romi Paku (Japanese)

Forrest (Japanese: ジロウ Jirō) is Brock's younger brother and runs the Pewter City Gym. He is the oldest brother after Brock.


Forrest debuts alongside Brock and his family in Showdown in Pewter City! where he was seen with the other sibilings tried to stop their older brother Brock from hurting Ash's Pikachu using his Onix during the rematch of the gym battle between him and Ash who wants to gain the first gym badge.

When Brock returns to his hometown after his journey in Johto in A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!, Forrest was happy to see his older brother's return alongside his father Flint who warns Brock not to come back due to his wife Lola redecorating the Pewter Gym into an aquatic gym. Forrest also watches his father using his Golem to fight against his mother who uses Marill and realizing that rock hates water leading to his mother Lola beats his father Flint. Forrest also likes Brock's caring to his Pokemon due to his wish of becoming a Pokemon Breeder. When their father decides to make the gym into two-type Pokemon, Forrest angrily mad at his decision to make the gym into a laughing stock and he runs away. Brock was told by his younger sister that Forrest wanted to become the next Gym Leader much to his surprise.

Forrest was later convinced by Brock about his dream to become the Gym Leader and knowing that he can do it and also tells him that rock Pokemon will win another day. In the next day, Forrest was later amazed to see Brock fought their mother for the gym using Onix against her Mantine who manages to defeat it finally reclaimed its former glory and was happy to see the rock-type beats a water-type. After his father Flint failed to uphold the ideals of the Pewter Gym, Brock left Forrest in charge of the gym as the Gym Leader and he happily lent his Onix to him which is a surprise to him and he tells him that Onix is well-trained much to its happiness. Forrest and his family bid farewell to Brock who is now travelling to Hoenn to meet up with Ash, May and Max.

When Brock later returned in the episode Grating Spaces!, he and his siblings reunites with his older brother who informs him about the gym has been remodeled for the second time. Forrest let his older brother Brock, Ash and May to show them the inside of the gym and he found out that his Onix had evolved into a Steelix under Forrest's care who carries Brock on purpose. Brock was very proud to see Forrest to his care of his Pokemon. He also found the gym painted in horrible colors for the second time and it was done by the gym remodellers which is Jessie and James in disguise.

Forrest became the judge of the battle between Ash and Brock against a disguised Jessie and James who uses both Butch and Cassidy's Aggron and Charizard to fight their Pokemons Steelix and Donphan. When Max informs them that Meowth from Team Rocket is stealing the Pewter Gym Pokemons and both Jessie and James' disguised are now blown by two Pokemons finally reveal themselves. Forrest angrily mad for their actions and he release Geodude to use Tackle on Meowth which reveals their motives of stealing. Forrest became furious to see what they done he angrily challenged them much to Brock's surprise. Altogether, Steelix and Geodude uses both a Iron Tail and a Mega Punch towards both Pokemon to knock them down until they are blasted off by Pikachu's Thunderbolt followed by Donphan's Hyper Beam, Steelix's Dragon Breath and Geodude's Sandstorm. Brock was impressed to see Forrest in action which he became happy to his older brother's compliment. Forrest and his family later farewell to Brock, Ash, May and Max who are now travel to get the last symbol of the Battle Pyramid.

When Brock later returned from Sinnoh, he discovered that Forrest's right to be the Pewter Gym Leader was under contest. After Forrest fought a well fought battle with his Rhyperior against a Nurse Joy from the PIA, he lost but was given the official title of Gym Leader.


Pokémon Information
Forrest Rhyperior
Forrest used Rhyperior to battle a Nurse Joy from the PIA. After a well fought battle against her Latias, he lost. But he was still given the title of Gym Leader due to his battle experience.

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