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(ジロウ Jirō)
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hometown: Pewter City
Region: Kanto
Family: Brock

Eight other siblings

Friends: Ash
Class: Trainer
Gym Leader
First Appearance: Showdown in Pewter City
Voice actor: Andrew Rannells (English) (4Kids)

Joanna Burns (English) (PUSA) Romi Paku (Japanese)

Forrest (Japanese: ジロウ Jirō) is Brock's younger brother and runs the Pewter City Gym. He is the oldest brother after Brock. After his father Flint failed to uphold the ideals of the Pewter Gym, Brock left Forrest in charge of the gym as the Gym Leader. When Brock later returned, he found that his Onix had evolved into a Steelix under Forrest's care. He also found the gym painted in horrible colors. After a battle with his mother, Lola, Brock regained the right to call the shots and returned the gym to its former glory.

When Brock later returned from Sinnoh, he discovered that Forrest's right to be the Pewter Gym Leader was under contest. After Forrest fought a well fought battle with his Rhyperior against a Nurse Joy from the PIA, he lost but was given the official title of Gym Leader.


Pokémon Information
Forrest used Rhyperior to battle a Nurse Joy from the PIA. After a well fought battle against her Latias, he lost. But he was still given the title of Gym Leader due to his battle experience.
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