Forewarn (よちむ Prophetic Dream) is an ability that was introduced in Generation IV. Forewarn reveals your opponent's move with the highest base power. If there is a tie, one is chosen at random. If the user is facing two opponents, one move in all will be revealed, and it will be the move with the highest base power. Again, if there is a tie, one is chosen at random. In Mystery Dungeon 2, Forewarn occasionally allows the user to dodge a move, even moves that never miss. There is no effect out of battle.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#096 Drowzee 096 Type Psychic Natural
#097 Hypno 097 Type Psychic Natural
#124 Jynx 124 Type IceType Psychic Natural
#238 Smoochum 238 Type IceType Psychic Natural
#517 Munna 517 Type Psychic Natural
#518 Musharna 518 Type Psychic Natural

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