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(Flying Pokémon Families - Evolution)
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|{{Type|Bug}}; Only Scyther is Flying
|{{Type|Bug}}; Only Scyther is Flying
|Only Mega Pinsir is Flying
|{{Not from type|Magikarp}}
|{{Not from type|Magikarp}}

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Type Flying

Flying-type Pokémon are Pokémon that can fly and live at high altitudes. They are normally birds or dragon-like (i.e. the Water-and Flying-type Pokémon, Gyarados). The Flying-type Pokémon has only appeared once on any Pokémon as its sole type – Tornadus. All the other Flying-type Pokémon are dual-types, with the exception of Arceus while holding the Sky Plate. With the exception of Girafarig, Meloetta, Deerling, Sawsbuck, Bibarel and Helioptile, all Normal dual-type Pokémon are Flying. The Flying type has been paired with every type in a Pokémon except for Fighting. Some Flying types, however, cannot use the HM Fly.

Flying types' greatest type weaknesses are Electric, Ice, and Rock-type Pokémon. However, all Flying-type Pokémon are immune to all Ground-type moves and are strong against Grass, Bug and Fighting types.



Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 006 Charizard Fire; Only Charizard is Flying
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 012 Butterfree Bug; Only Butterfree is Flying
016 Pidgey 017 Pidgeotto 018 Pidgeot Normal
021 Spearow 022 Fearow Normal
041 Zubat 042 Golbat 169 Crobat Poison
083 Farfetch'd Normal
084 Doduo 085 Dodrio Normal
123 Scyther Template:Not from type Bug; Only Scyther is Flying
Pinsir Only Mega Pinsir is Flying
Template:Not from type 130 Gyarados Water; Only Gyarados is Flying
142 Aerodactyl Rock
144 Articuno Ice
145 Zapdos Electric
146 Moltres Fire
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 149 Dragonite Dragon; Only Dragonite is Flying
163 Hoothoot 164 Noctowl Normal
165 Ledyba 166 Ledian Bug
Template:Not from type 176 Togetic 468 Togekiss Normal; Only Togepi isn't Flying
177 Natu 178 Xatu Psychic
187 Hoppip 188 Skiploom 189 Jumpluff Grass
193 Yanma 469 Yanmega Bug
198 Murkrow 430 Honchkrow Dark
207 Gligar 472 Gliscor Ground
225 Delibird Ice
458 Mantyke 226 Mantine Water
227 Skarmory Steel
249 Lugia Psychic
250 Ho-Oh Fire
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 267 Beautifly Bug; Only Beautifly is Flying
276 Taillow 277 Swellow Normal
278 Wingull 279 Pelipper Water
Template:Not from type 284 Masquerain Bug; Only Masquerain is Flying
Template:Not from type 291 Ninjask Bug; Only Ninjask is Flying
333 Swablu 334 Altaria Swablu is Normal; Altaria is Dragon
357 Tropius Grass
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 373 Salamence Dragon; Only Salamence is Flying
384 Rayquaza Dragon
396 Starly 397 Staravia 398 Staraptor Normal
Template:Not from type 414 Mothim Bug; Only Mothim is Flying
415 Combee 416 Vespiquen Bug
425 Drifloon 426 Drifblim Ghost
441 Chatot Normal
479E Rotom Electric (Fan Form)
492B Shaymin Grass (Sky Forme)
519 Pidove 520 Tranquill 521521A Unfezant Normal
527 Woobat 528 Swoobat Psychic
561 Sigilyph Psychic
566 Archen 567 Archeops Rock
580 Ducklett 581 Swanna Water
587 Emolga Electric
627 Rufflet 628 Braviary Normal
629 Vullaby 630 Mandibuzz Dark
641 Tornadus
642 Thundurus Electric
645 Landorus Ground
Fletchling Talonflame Fletchling is Normal; Talonflame is Fire
Noivern Dragon
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type Vivillon Bug; Only Vivillon is Flying
Yveltal Dark


  • Flying-type Pokémon should not be confused with the Bird-type Pokémon in Generation I: Missingno and 'M. They have the same weakness and resistances, however
  • Every Generation has a Flying type Legendary Pokemon
  • The only pure Flying-type Legendary Pokémon is Tornadus and Arceus (Flying Plate), these are also the only pure flying Pokemon out of all Pokemon.
  • Flying Types are weak to Ice, Electric, and Rock
  • Vivillon is the only part Flying type that has Flying as its primary type and a different type for its secondary type.

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