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Flyaway Forest

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Flyaway Forest
Flyaway Forest

This thick forest, dominated by a gigantic tree, is favored mostly by Flying-type Pokémon.

Primary Type Flying
Capacity 12
Location Eastern Forest
How to Obtain
Purchase for 550 MD Poke

Flyaway Forest is a Friend Area in the Eastern Forest.

Resident Pokemon

MD Pidgey Pidgey
MD Pidgeotto Pidgeotto
MD Pidgeot Pidgeot
MD Hoothoot Hoothoot
MD Noctowl Noctowl
MD Togepi Togepi
MD Togetic Togetic
MD Natu Natu
MD Xatu Xatu
MD Murkrow Murkrow
MD Swablu Swablu
MD Altaria Altaria

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