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| slogan = Prophecy Flocks Here
| slogan = Prophecy Flocks Here
| region = Unova
| region = Unova
| routes = ↑ ''[[Oath Woods]]''<br>← [[Unova Route 19|Route 19]]<br>→ [[Unova Route 20|Route 20]]
| routes = ↑ [[Pledge Grove]]<br>← [[Unova Route 19|Route 19]]<br>→ [[Unova Route 20|Route 20]]
| map = Location_of_Sangi_Town_in_Unova.png
| map = Location_of_Sangi_Town_in_Unova.png
| size = 256x168px
| size = 256x168px

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Floccesy Town
サンギタウン Sangi Town
"Prophecy Flocks Here"
Sangi Town
Location info
Region: Unova
Connecting routes: Pledge Grove
Route 19
Route 20
Location of Sangi Town in Unova
Location of Floccesy Town in Unova.

Floccesy Town (Japanese: サンギタウン Sangi Town) is a small town located next to the Floccesy Ranch that is nestled between Route 19 and Route 20 in south-western Unova. It's the second town visited on the player's adventure in Black and White Versions 2. It is the hometown of the Unova Champion, Alder.

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