For the variant appearing in the games, see Flint.

Flint is a character appearing in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, who is a member of the Elite Four in the Sinnoh region.


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DPA027 6

Hareta meeting Flint and his entourage.

Flint first appeared when he had a battle against Hareta in the Champion's League. He apologizes to Hareta for being late and jumped onto the stage. He then mentioned that they should dance before beginning the battle which Hareta agreed. After the dance, Flint used his Rapidash while Hareta used his Empoleon. Rapidash was able to easily dodge Empoleon's Hydro Pump and Flint stated that he wouldn't send out a fire-type Pokémon against a water-type on purpose. When both Hareta and Empoleon rode Rapidash, Flint ordered it to throw them off and attack them with Solar Beam. Hareta returned his Empoleon and sent out his Regigigas which caught Flint off guard. When Hareta also sent out his Misdreavus, Flint realized that Hareta was a beginner and switched his Rapidash for his Drifblim. Drifblim battled against Misdreavus and they were later both knocked out. Flint was surprised and realized that Misdreavus used Skill Swap, swapping its ability with Drifblim's Aftermath. Flint said that they weren't done yet and sent out his Rapidash again. After multiple Solar Beam, Regigigas fell down and Flint stated that Hareta got his heart racing and that losses like this one shouldn't let him down. However Regigigas stood up, surprising Flint. Regigigas was able to knock Rapidas out with its Roaring Mega Punch. Flint recalled Rapidash and mentioned that even when Regigigas was hurt and exhausted, their trust was unbreakable. Flint then said that his next Pokémon was Steelix but it couldn't win from Regigigas. He walked away from the stage and stated that he was looking forward to Hareta's next battles, forfeiting the battle.


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