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|class = Elite Four
|class = Elite Four
|friends = [[Volkner (Adventures)]]
|friends = [[Volkner (Adventures)]]
|firstappear = Pokemon Adventures
|firstappear = Pokémon Adventures
|MangaAppearance = Platinum
|MangaAppearance = Platinum
|gender = Male}}
|gender = Male}}

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(オーバ Ōba)
Flint manga appearance

32 or more

Gender: Male
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Sinnoh
Family: Buck (Adventures)

Volkner (Adventures)

Class: Elite Four
First Appearance:

Pokémon Adventures


He is shown to be close friends with Volkner just like in the game and anime.

Plot Overview

Diamond and Pearl Chapter

He is first seen in the last chapter of the Diamond and Pearl when talking with Volkner through his mobile.

Platinum Chapter

He is seen talking with Buck through his mobile warning him about what he is doing.

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