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Flannery's Torkoal

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Flannery's Torkoal
アスナのコータス Asuna's Kootasu
Flannery Torkoal
Trainer: Flannery
Debut: Poetry Commotion!

This Torkoal is a Fire-type Pokémon owned by Flannery.


In Poetry Commotion, Team Rocket attempted to steal Torkoal but Flannery, Ash Ketchum, May, Max, Brock and Flannery's grandfather Mr. Moore managed to rescue it.

Torkoal was the last Pokémon Flannery used in her battle with Ash. It easily defeated Pikachu and Treecko and put up a good fight against Corphish. Due to its Iron Defense, Torkoal took little damage, even from Corphish's super effective Crabhammer attack. Eventually however, Corphish struck Torkoal on its side with Crabhammer sending it spinning and forcing it upright. While Torkoal was dizzy from the attack, Corphish finished it with Bubble Beam.

Known moves

Move Episode
Flannery Torkoal Flamethrower
Flamethrower Going, Going, Yawn
Iron Defense Going, Going Yawn
Sludge Bomb Going, Going Yawn
Overheat Going, Going, Yawn
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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