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Type Fire

Fire-type Pokémon are associated with heat, often in the form of flames or lava. Fire-type attacks often have a chance of causing the Burn status effect, though most if not all fire type Pokémon are immune to it, which reduces the Attack statistic by half as well as taking away hit points each turn it is in effect.

Some Fire types are not affected by Fire type attacks because of an ability called Flash Fire, which negates all fire damage and raises the power of Fire-type moves at the same time.

Fire-type is weak against Water-types Ground and Rock types. Fire-type Pokémon are strong against Grass-type, Steel,Ice,Fairy and Bug.

  • Single-types: 1st Gen: 10, 2nd Gen: 6, 3rd Gen: 2, 4th Gen: 2, 5th Gen: 7
  • Dual-types: 1st Gen: 2, 2nd Gen :4, 3rd Gen: 4, 4th Gen: 3, 5th Gen: 9
    • Total Fire-types: 49

Abilities of Fire Pokémon



Fire Pokémon Trainers

BlaineB2W2 FlanneryB2W2sprite FlintPlatinum ChiliBWsprite Malva Hideyoshi Yukimura Kaihime
Kanto Gym Leader Blaine Hoenn Gym Leader Flannery Sinnoh Elite Four Flint Unova Gym Leader Chili Kalos Elite Four Malva Ignis Warlord Hideyoshi Warlord Servant Yukimura Warlord Servant Kai

Fire Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
004 Charmander 005 Charmeleon 006 006M 006M2 Charizard Only Charizard/Mega Charizard Y is Flying
Only Mega Charizard X is Dragon
037Vulpix 038Ninetales
058 Growlithe 059 Arcanine
077 Ponyta 078 Rapidash
240 Magby 126 Magmar 467 Magmortar
Template:Not from type 136 Flareon Eevee is Normal, not Fire
146 Moltres Flying
155 Cyndaquil 156 Quilava 157 Typhlosion
218 Slugma 219 Magcargo Only Magcargo is Rock
228 Houndour 229 229M Houndoom Dark
244 Entei
250 Ho-Oh Flying
255 Torchic 256 Combusken 257 257M Blaziken Fighting; Only Torchic isn't Fighting
322 Numel 323 Camerupt Ground
324 Torkoal
351B Castform (Sunny Form)
390 Chimchar 391 Monferno 392 Infernape Fighting; Only Chimchar isn't Fighting
479B Rotom Electric (Gene. V onward - Heat Form)
485 Heatran Steel
494 Victini Psychic
498 Tepig 499 Pignite 500 Emboar Fighting; Only Tepig isn't Fighting
513 Pansear 514 Simisear
554 Darumaka 555 Darmanitan
555A Darmanitan Psychic (Zen Mode)
607 Litwick 608 Lampent 609 Chandelure Ghost
631 Heatmor
636 Larvesta 637 Volcarona Bug
643 Reshiram Dragon
653Fennekin 654Braixen 655Delphox Psychic; Only Delphox is part Psychic
Template:Not from type 662Fletchinder 663Talonflame Flying; Fletchling is Normal not Fire
667Litleo 668Pyroar Normal


Delta Species Fire Pokémon

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