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Fiore Temple
フィオレしんでん Fiore Temple
Information about Fiore Temple
Region: Fiore
Connecting locations: ↓ South - Sekra Range
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal

The Fiore Temple (フィオレしんでん Fiore Temple) is an ancient temple situated in the Fiore region featured in the Pokémon Ranger video game. It is situated at the apex of the Sekra Range. It is here where Gordor unveils his ultimate Power Styler and gains control over the Legendary Pokémon. The Rangers then proceed to pursue him to the peak, in order to stop his plans.


When arriving at the entrance to the Fiore Temple, the player will have to deactivate a series of puzzles littered across the Temple grounds. These puzzles involve capturing three Pokémon and placing them on their respective statue locations, which can allow the player to gain access to the next level. The first set of Pokémon are the three Eevee evolutions, Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon. The second set of Pokémon are all in the evolutionary line of Ralts: Ralts, Kirlia and Gardevoir.

When the player reaches the Fiore Temple, he/she will have to battle several higher-ranking Go-Rock Squad members and their captured Pokémon. After dispatching these individuals, the player will face off against Gordor, who will reveal that he has perfected the Power Styler, proceeding to summon Entei, Raikou and Suicune. After the player successfully captures Raikou and Suicune, both Plusle and Minun will cause the Styler to overload. This results in Entei going out of control, as the player steps in before Gordor gets attacked by it.

After capturing the Pokémon, Gordor renounces his evil ways and leaves the Fiore Temple. After leaving, Gordor is confronted by Professor Hastings, where they discuss their differences. During the post-game story mode, the player is once again called to Fiore Temple to deal with an enraged Rayquaza. Additionally, the player can "revisit" the final confrontation between Gordor an unlimited amount of times through the intervention of the Drowzee Man.


This is a list of the wild Pokémon available at the Dusk Factory, with their corresponding PokéAssist and number of loops required for capture.

Sprite Pokémon PokéAssist Number of loops required Field Move
Aerodactyl Flying 3 N/A
Ariados Bug 6 N/A
Donphan Ground 10 Tacklex1 Tacklex1 Tacklex1
Entei Fire 17 Burnx1 Burnx1 Burnx1
Espeon Psychic 5 N/A
Flareon Fire 13 Burnx1 Burnx1 Burnx1
Gardevoir Psychic 9 N/A
Gengar Ghost 7 N/A
Glalie Ice 9 N/A
Golem Rock 16 Crushx1 Crushx1 Crushx1
Grovyle Grass 5 Cutx1
Jolteon Electric 8 Rechargex1 Rechargex1 Rechargex1
Kirlia Psychic 5 N/A
Medicham Fighting 9 Crushx1 Crushx1
Raichu Electric 3 Rechargex1 Rechargex1 Rechargex1
Raikou Electric 11 Rechargex1 Rechargex1 Rechargex1
Ralts Psychic 4 N/A
Rayquaza Flying 13 N/A
Suicune Water 17 Soakx1 Soakx1 Soakx1
Swalot Poison 11 N/A
Vaporeon Water 15 Soakx1 Soakx1

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